11 Lies We Tell Our Kids


Whether they’re threats that we resort to that we know we are never going to carry out or whether they’re downright blatant lies, we all seem to fib to our children at some point.

Some of the lies are for their protection, others are to try and redeem some scrap of good behaviour. Lies can also be told simply because we don’t want to do something.

Here are some of the porkies I’ve told my kids:

1) No, that fluorescent / hideous top isn’t in your size unfortunately

I constantly tell this lie to my children whenever we are clothes shopping. Both my 4 year old and my 2 year old seem to be inexplicably drawn to the craziest, outrageous clothes and shoes, often covered in characters from a certain film or TV programme. They haven’t yet worked out that I’m lying but I’m sure it won’t be long before the eldest figures out that she can read her own age from the hangers and then I’ll be rumbled.

2) Stay here then if you don’t want to put your coat / shoes on

This one has been uttered several times to both girls in an effort to get them out the door. Of course it’s lie of the empty threat kind. I might have several parenting fails under my belt, but leaving my children on their own whilst I go out isn’t one of them.

3)  Sorry there’s no chocolate left in the cupboard

A blatant lie which I once told my kids whilst burying my head in the fridge cramming chocolate in my mouth. I consider this a cruel to be kind lie which I mostly use to prevent my 2 year old overdosing on sweet stuff.

4) The TV isn’t working

I first said this lie to my children in the morning of a school holiday day when they were bickering over what to watch. I somehow managed to make the lie last for the entire day but it backfired because by 5pm I was desperate for some peace.

5) If you do that again then I’ll tell Katie’s mummy that they can’t come to play

What a whopper! There’s no way this is going to happen. Seeing Katie’s mummy could well be the highlight of my day. I need to see Katie’s mummy, preferably with a cup of tea and a biscuit and a chat every bit as much as the kids want to play with Katie.

6) If you don’t get ready for bed right now, we won’t have time for a book

I seem to use this lie at least once a week and yet bizarrely the kids haven’t yet realised that I’ve never ever carried out this empty threat. They love having a book before bed as much as I love reading to them. It’s an important part of their bed time routine, it calms them down and it’s important. So it has the desired effect in that they hurry up and get their PJs on, not realising that I will never NOT read a book before bedtime.

7) Father Christmas is watching you

This worked well initially when we told to our eldest daughter 2 years ago back in November or December. But the fact that she goes on about it to our youngest daughter during the months of May or June backfires somewhat. Yes it’s a blatant lie but surely all parents lie to their kids about Father Christmas.

8) We’re nearly there

Who hasn’t said this lie to their children in the car when asked the inevitable “Are we nearly there yet?” My 2 year old often asks me before we get to the end of the road. Surely this little lie is better than telling the truth and saying “No, just another 2 hours to go.” And suffering the resulting meltdown.

9) It tastes just like fish fingers

I seem to frequently lie to my kids about food in a bid to try and get them to eat something other than pasta and cheese. Whilst borne out of desperate measures, in hindsight it’s probably not the best idea. This lie will no doubt scar them from ever eating fish fingers or trying anything else new again.

10) The park / soft play / café is closed

I’ll be honest, I say this lie if I don’t want to go to the park / soft play / café. Mostly it works but occasionally I get rumbled by the 4 year old who likes to point out “But I’ve just seen people going in there.”

11) The Peppa Pig plate/ the purple spoon / the yellow cup are in the dishwasher

A seemingly minor, little lie, but believe me, this one can act as a quick nip in the bud saviour before an almighty row blows up about whose turn it is to eat with the purple spoon.

So there we have it, just some of the lies that I tell my kids.The irony of all this is that if I catch my kids lying, I’ll give them a telling off.

But we all do it don’t we?

We lie to protect them from physical and psychological harm.

We lie for their own good.

We lie because it can very well make the difference between a fairly calm, peaceful existence and one where all hell breaks loose.

So whilst I know that lying is wrong, I can’t promise to stop any time soon.

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0 thoughts on “11 Lies We Tell Our Kids

  1. Yes, I can relate to all these! But I also remember sometimes carrying out the threats – what a horrible parent I must have been! Do you remember ‘If you don’t stop arguing we’ll stop the car and you’ll have to get out and walk?’. And the time we actually did it? To be fair, we were only five minutes from home, you were all old enough to be walking home on your own, and if nothing else it stopped you arguing because you all found it really funny!

  2. It sounds like these are all perfectly justifiable lies, haha! Our boy is too young for for lies yet, we’re just honing our distraction technique. In future I can definitely see myself using the one about the TV being broken, and there being no chocolate left!

  3. Yes I use all of these and then some. The boys have now worked out though that when the ice cream van plays it’s music it doesn’t mean they’ve run out of ice cream. #justanotherlinky

  4. Ha ha just brilliant – this really made me smile as I am sure we can all relate – love, love, love the one about the hideous top not bing in their size – naughty but funny and yes I am guilty of that! #Twinklytuesday

  5. Haha, I tell my 2 year old the TV is broken a lot, sometimes it works and other times he cried like the world has just ended so I ‘fix it’ for him so I can have some peace. Happy to see I’m not the only lieing parent out there xx #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Bwahahaha—I do #8 all the time but that’s losing its effectiveness as my youngest has some concept of time now. He now looks at me and says “Mmmm, you said that 30minutes ago!” Great post-had me giggling and saying “thank goodness, I’m not the only one!” Thank you for sharing with #abitofeverything

  7. Hi Cheryl, I don’t think there’s onelie there that I didn’t use at some point when my two were small (that goes no further) and I always go on about how important it is to be truthful and honest. I think as Mums though we are allowed to tell little, white lies to preserve our sanity.



  8. I love the chocolate lie. That will definitely be used a lot in my house. My son is just a toddler so I have all of this fun to come. #abitofeverything

  9. Yup…defo used most if not all of these! Another I used to say was that the scrap man driving round shouting out his window was collecting naughty children! (that doesn’t work anymore since they saw the van!!) and one that they thought was one of these bu**s**t lies was the don’t get dressed then, I will take you to school in your jammies…They now know I mean business after taking the 4 year old to school last week in his Pyjamas! #MMWBH

  10. Haha…the telly’s not working and it tastes just like fish fingers are two of my favourites…and definitely ones I’ve used with my nephews and nieces! I’ll be sure to impart more of these excellent white lies with my own kids, when they finally arrive! #abitofeverything

    1. Glad I’m not alone on this! You’ll have to refer to this list in a year or two when you’re looking for some peace / your sanity. Good luck and thanks for reading. X

  11. I tell many of these lies myself! Although I have actually carried out the no story threat once or twice, which does nothing but make me feel sad all night after the wee ones have fallen asleep. Sometimes he seems like he’s just too bloody tired though, and he’s asleep before I’ve even closed the bedroom door. I think it probably upsets me more than it does him, to be honest! #Chucklemums

  12. Ha ha. I’m not sure if these are lies or slight fabrications of the truth for the benefit of the greater good 😉 My Mother always pretends it’s nightime in the middle of the day by closing the blinds/sitting in the dark, just so she can get me off to a nap and she can watch her terrible television programme 🙂 #chucklemums

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