9 Sayings that Confirm You’re Turning Into Your Parents


Have you found yourself saying things that your mum or dad used to say to you? The type of comments that used to make your eyes roll? When did this happen? This sudden ability to spout stuff that is pointless, meaningless or plain ridiculous? Here are some of the things I’ve found myself saying which I never thought would:

1) “Because I said so.” – I used to hate this phrase with a passion when my mum used to say this to me. But inexplicably I have found myself saying it a lot lately. Maybe it’s because my eldest won’t take no for an answer or maybe it’s because my youngest’s favourite phrase at the moment is “WHY?”

2) “It will all end in tears.” – I’m mum to two young girls. They’re at an age where they’re suddenly fighting a whole lot more and I find myself playing referee and trying to separate them. But do they really care at that exact moment that the other one has their favourite colour spoon for breakfast that it might “all end in tears”?

3) “We’ll see.” – Another frustrating and irritating response I used to get from my mum. But I get it now. It’s the one to use when you really don’t want to go to little Johnny’s party on Saturday afternoon but can’t really think of a valid reason why.

4) “Eat that dinner, there’s children starving in this world.” – I honestly can’t believe I said this to my eldest daughter recently. Why is it that so many parents have battle times with their children at dinner time? Why won’t they just eat their tea? I’ve tried cajoling, pleading, bargaining and then this line out of sheer exasperation. Of course it was met with a completely blank look. At the age of 4, children of course have little concept about other countries let alone the possibility of being starving hungry.

5) “Eat your carrots, they’ll help you see in the dark.” – Another phrase used in the hope of getting children to eat. But unlike the comment above, did provoke some interest (in visionary powers, but sadly not the carrots).

6) “Move away from the TV your eyes will turn square.” – Asking them to move away from the TV fair enough, but saying their eyes will turn square is just plain ridiculous. They’re never going to believe it are they?

7) “How many times do I have to tell you?” – A fairly meaningless phrase. Is anyone keeping count?

8) “Don’t make me turn this car around!” – As if we are ever going to turn the car around! My parents never did and I won’t too.

9) “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?” – I’ve still not figured out exactly how many parts of no there are but I still seem to come out with this little gem on several occasions.

Have you used any of these phrases on your kids? Are there any others that I’ve missed? I’d love to hear from you!



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0 thoughts on “9 Sayings that Confirm You’re Turning Into Your Parents

  1. My parents tried the carrot thing on me when I was a kid – they said they were good for your eyes. I ate loads of carrots and ended up being really short-sighted, so I was pretty mad when I realised I’d been had. 🙂 #chucklemums

  2. Literally used all of these! And DON’T MAKE ME COUNT TO TEN! ONE…!!!!” That doesn’t usually work either. Thank you so much for linking up with #chucklemums xx

  3. I have used all of these phrases – and none of them make a jot of difference. I did in fact turn the car round the other day as a last resort, it just meant driving half way home to drive all the way back again. A pointless excercise… #chucklemums

  4. Yes! All of them! I said the square eyes thing the other day then realised how silly that was and backtracked completely…well they won’t actually turn square but it’s not good for them to be so close etc etc…he wasn’t listening anyway! #chucklemums

  5. Brilliant, I love it and have definitely used most of these, apart from the food related ones because my 3yo would eat me out of house and home if i’d let him! Oh isn’t that another parent phrase?! #chucklemums

  6. Oh yes, I’ve said a few of these – I’m sure “because I said so” is used on a daily basis. “I want doesn’t get” is one of my mum’s phrases that I’ve found myself using a few times as well! Isn’t it funny how easily we turn into our parents! 🙂

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