9 Types of Mum I’ve Spotted On The School Run

I can’t believe that my daughter has  been at primary school for almost 8 months! How on Earth has that happened?  It seems like just a blink ago we were first experiencing the joy that is the school run. We’ve thankfully moved on from the hellish autumn months of having to forcibly drag her into the class room and she now does actually seem to love it.

So, seeing as I’m  now so experienced at getting out of the front door every morning and safely getting my child to school (aherm), I thought I’d share with you 9 types of mum that I’ve noticed on the school run:

  1. Gym Mum

Gym Mum

Dressed in the tightest lycra outfits, mostly in flamboyant prints and colours with fluorescent trainers, these mums are always in a hurry to drop off their kids and get on with their run / aerobic session / weight lifting session.  I’m never sure whether to feel in awe of these athletic creatures or intimidated by them.

2.  Mystery Mum

Mystery Mum

High powered business woman who has only been spotted once at the school assembly. Never seen at the school drop off or pick up because she’s busy running a company.

3.  Organised Mum

Organised Mum

This one is super organised. She is always the first one outside the door waiting for it to open. She’s remembered all the homework, PE bag, lunch box, book bag and lunch slip AND she’s had time to do something fancy with her daughter’s hair in the morning. Not only that but she’s organising nights out and play dates with everyone left, right and centre. Hhhmm. Again, not sure whether to feel in awe or slightly irritated in comparison.

4. Forgetful Mum

Primary School Results

Can often be heard saying “Oh is it Welly Wednesday today?” (Err… The clue is in the name?) Or “I’ve forgotten his book bag again.” Unlike Organised Mummy, this one forgets everything including lunch box, homework and drink bottle. Could be a disorganised dreamer or could just be living the life of most parents on the school run.

5. Scary Mum

Scary Mum

You can hear this one bellowing to her child before you’ve even entered the playground. If she’s not screeching, she’s telling everyone about how drunk she was the other night and the fights she got into. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of her. (Or her kid).

6. Tiger Mum

Tiger Mum

Identified by the constant updates on little Johnny’s progress at school in reading, writing and maths as well as all the extra curricular activities including football, gymnastics, swimming, music, etc. etc. Will not listen to what you have to say, but insists on turning the conversation back to her and little Johnny.

7. Late Mum

Late Mum

Barely get to see this mum let alone have a conversation with her because she’s always running late. She’s late in the morning drop off practically dragging her children in through the gates as most other mums have already left, and she’s always the last one to pick up. Can’t work out whether she’s genuinely disorganised or trying to avoid seeing the other parents.

8. Stalker Mum

Stalker Mum

Your new best friend who will hunt you down on the way into the playground and proceed to share her whole life history with you (and expect you to do the same in return). Woe betide you if you dare turn up slightly earlier or later than usual or if you park your car in a different spot.

9. Harassed Mum

Stressed Mum

Normally turns up with one or multiple kids crying, kicking or screaming. Tries drastically to get kids into the classroom with least possible fuss and meltdown before turning to make a quick exit and avoid pitiful looks by just about everyone.

In case you’re wondering, over the past 8 months I seem to be a cross between Forgetful and Late Mum with a lot of Harassed Mum thrown in to the mix too. If I haven’t had to contend with carrying my eldest over the threshold of the classroom, I have been dealing with meltdown and tantrums from the toddler of epic proportions. I hate to think what the other mums are saying about me!

Which mum are you? Any others types of mum on the school run that I’ve missed? Let me know!

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0 thoughts on “9 Types of Mum I’ve Spotted On The School Run

  1. These categories are great, we have them all at our school. I am sometimes gym mum, but I will be in my baggy joggers and t shirt, I hate the lycra stuff.
    My friend and I try to keep to ourselves as much as we can, the playground for mum’s is quite clicky.

  2. This is so funny and oh, I love the picture for ‘organised mum’. Who the HELL has time to do their hair any more? That plait looks like it belongs in a fantasy film. You’ve made me think, though. NG is only 2 still so I think school runs are still safe from my ‘sorry, I’ve just knocked you over with my dog’ type … #KCACOLS

    1. I know! Most days I can barely get it together to do a tidy looking pony tail. And on the days she demands platts we most definitely are Late Mum!! X

  3. aww so so true – unbelievable mix of characters but you’ve nailed them – so entertaining – and the ones that spend hours chatting in the playground/car park that they may as well just stay there for the entire day and be 5 mins early for the school pick up – they make me smile too!

  4. Hilarious! I have seen all of these. What about Dizzy Mum, Busy Mum, Downright Rude Mum, Pregnant Mum? Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS. Hope you return next week:)

  5. Hahaha this is brilliant and I recognise all the Mums although we have a lot of “glam mums” too. They sweep in their mahoosive 4 x 4 and drop their darling, immaculate children at school. The mums look immaculate and have perfectly painted nails. I on the otherhand am like you late mum or and forgetful mum! :- )

  6. What an amusing post. I don’t have kids to do a school run, but I work in a school. So, I have seen all these Mum’s. Sometimes, they can even be in 2 categories!! I have a gym Mum who also does amazing things with her daughter’s hair, and is organised! How does she do it???
    Amanda. #kcacols

  7. There are so many gym mums at our school! One of them matches her manicure to her kit! And she has different coloured trainers to coordinate as well!! #KCACOLS

  8. HAHAH I am totally harassed mum! I have four kids, three under three, I always look harassed and am usually late, and have forgotten something!!! #KCACOLS

  9. I love this, and recognise all the types of Mums you’ve mentioned! So far at my son’s school though we seem to be getting away without cliques forming, everyone’s pretty friendly with everyone which is a relief! x #KCACOLS

  10. The gym mums are stopping me from being my natural mum type, the ‘turn up without putting makeup on and straightening hair’ mum.

    Yep, we have ’em all at our school too.

    There are two other mums not on the list

    1. The ‘Park on zig-zags and double yellow lines’ mum, despite all of the warnings and letters and near misses.
    2. The ‘never checks their child’s hair for nits’ mum, who’s child re-infests all of the other children over and over again.

  11. oh god I’m so the harassed mum! I turn up at pre-school all hot and bothered and can’t wait to leave and have the biggest slice of cake ever!! Great article! #KCACOLS

  12. Only got a 9 month old at the moment. Long way to go till school. I’d quite like to be organised mum though. Time will tell! #kcacols

  13. I don’t have children at school yet but I know lot of mums and none of them are organised mum. I’m not entirely sure she exists and if she does I imagine she either has a lot of paid helo behind the scenes or is really annoying! Ahaha #bigpinklink

  14. My kiddo isn’t in school yet, but I think I’ve come across some of these moms in our day-to-day life. I totally wish I was the organized one, but I’m starting to wonder if I have an organized bone in my body! At least I’ve still got a few years to prepare XD #KCACOLS

    1. Know how you feel. No matter what time I get up or prepare in advance, I still end up shouting at my kids for the 15th time to clean their teeth and get shoes on. Hence Late and Harassed Mum!! X

  15. Oh my goodness, I got to the end of the post, and thought ‘yep, I know exactly which type I’d be, forgetful, late, and harassed.’ Then I saw that you thought you were exactly the same type too!!!!! Although I’m hoping I will have turned over my new, super organised leaf by then, and maybe not be so bad as I’m foreseeing I’ll be…!! I see a LOT of gym mums going to our local primary schools… I will be very intimidated by these mums when my time comes… Unless of course I’ve also turned over my ‘I will get super fit’ leaf by then aswell… But I can’t see that happening!!

  16. I seem to be all apart from gym or stalker mummy. I see those two and run and hide. As for the rest I’m sure I swing between them all and rest most comfortably with forgettful and harassed mum:)
    mainy – myrealfairy

  17. Haha I agree with a lot of these…I am in the mix between a ‘chatty’ mum and harassed..I have also had ‘netball’ mums..slightly scarier than gym mums, also scary mums definitely…one shouted behind me the other day and I fell off the pavement..#KCACOLS

  18. Love this post! SB isn’t at school yet but in terms of the nursery drop off I am probably the Mystery Mum – not quite running a company, but my boyfriend does all the drop offs because I’m working! #KCACOLS

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