A Dummy Free House at Last!


Dummy, Dummies, Pacifier

Last week, after 4 and a half years we finally became a dummy free household. Both my children had a dummy and I’ve had mixed feelings about them. On Friday – D. Day, I had a few emotional thoughts about the dummy going and how we truly no longer have any babies anymore, but my overwhelming feeling is relief that they’ve NOW ALL GONE!

Dummy, Pacifier


Here’s what I liked and hated about the dummy and how we finally got rid of them for good.

The Good

  • I can still remember the first time my eldest daughter, Alice took a dummy. My sister suggested we try one after 2 weeks of constant demands for milk and crying. It was like magic. She immediately stopped crying and was comforted. We had peace and quiet for the first time ever!
  • Babies look so sweet when they’re asleep and you can just see the dummy bobbing up and down.
  • I know some people disagree with me, but I preferred the idea of a dummy rather than my kids sucking their thumb. Once the dummy is removed that’s it, it’s all over. But with a thumb, they can go on sucking them for years.

The Bad

  • My youngest (2 and a half) developed a habit of wanting the dummy during the day, especially when she was tired.
  • I was worried about the effect on her teeth.
  • The biggest issue for us was that in the last few weeks she would only have the pink one and on a daily basis she would lose it. We’d spend over an hour every afternoon looking for that blasted thing!

The Ugly

  • Say no more. It looks fairly cute on a little baby, but the older a child gets the uglier it looks.

The Dummy Fairy

Dummy Fairy


My sister told me that the dummy fairy came to visit my nephew. “You have to buy a present that they really want,” she said. My eldest daughter readily gave up all her dummies on the understanding she would get a scooter. Sure enough, she went to bed fine, with no dramas and that was the end of the dummy for her.

With Eva, our youngest, I knew it would be harder. For her present, she wanted some new swimming goggles, hair clips and a toy truck. Bonus for us, much cheaper than a new scooter, but I wondered if it would be enough to lure her away from the pink dummy.

She excitedly packed all her dummies away into a pretty bag, did a drawing for the fairy and we hung the back up before she went to bed.

Bedtime wasn’t great. She sobbed for ages until she fell into an exhausted sleep. I was then up and down a few times in the night.

Each day since then has got a little easier and I think we are over the worst now. She’s only asked for it once during the day. She’s so desperate to be keeping up with her older sister that I think this drives her on.


What’s your view? Have your children ever had a dummy? Do you agree with them? And how did you get rid of them?

0 thoughts on “A Dummy Free House at Last!

  1. Like you, I prefer dummies to thumb sucking and can’t imagine bringing up children without their help! They always give them up eventually and if a small gift from a fairy – aka a small bribe! – hastens the process, fine. If they weren’t ready, it wouldn’t work. Well done, hope she’s proud of herself now. Another step in becoming a Big Girl!

    1. I suppose that’s a good point – they all give them up at some stage. You never see a 20 year old with a dummy in their mouth! It just sometimes feels like like they will have it for an eternity! Thanks for reading. X

  2. I like the idea of a Dummy Fairy. I went through hell getting my now 19 year old son off the thing at age 3 many years ago. It was extra difficult since he had a new sister and would just steal the baby’s. But yet here I am again in a new century with a new baby and I totally gave her a pacifier. I decided that the sleep is worth it.

    1. I think sleep is worth it too! Must be hard with a new baby when trying to coax the eldest off the dummy. I noticed our eldest definitely wanted her dummy more when our youngest came along! Thanks for reading. X

  3. I’m dreading getting rid of Mia’s dummy! She is coming up for 3 and only has it at night but I feel like very soon we are going to have to get rid of it. I like the idea of the dummy fairy, we have already started to talk about maybe santa taking her dummy away in exchange for a present but that’s obviously a long way off yet! 🙂


    1. Yes I’ve heard of other people getting Santa to take the dummy, but agree you’ve got a long way to wait. The dummy fairy worked well and I said that the fairy takes the dummies to give to all the other babies that need new dummies! Good luck! X

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