For Eva on Your 5th Birthday

Dear Eva, it doesn’t feel like 5 minutes ago, that I was sitting here, writing about you turning 4, but here we are again. The year has flown with some big changes, and yet, there are some things that have not changed one bit!

Starting School

Two months after you turned 4, you started primary school. There was a lot of excitement in the build up, but there had been a lot of tears and tantrums too.  It was a mixed start to the term. The first few days you skipped into school with such enthusiasm, it was me that was left feeling strange and a bit redundant. But slowly the realisation hit that you would be doing this all day, every day and you didn’t like it. I can remember having to carry you from the car down to the school gates as you yelled, kicked and lashed out and I felt absolutely mortified as school mums stopped in their tracks to gawp.  If you weren’t crying about going in, you were having an absolute meltdown about wearing the school shoes and socks.

Thankfully, your love of school has blossomed and it has been brilliant to see you getting so excited about it and even moaning occasionally at the weekends when there’s no school. At the moment you seem to be taking the “work” in your stride and especially love reading and writing. You’ll use any opportunity to write something whether it’s my shopping lists (complete with wine!), a wish list for your birthday or a note to your friends.

You absolutely adore your “buddy” in year 6 and it amuses us that you have got to know so many of the older children at the school. I was amazed when I took you into town a few weeks ago that so many children of all ages were coming up to say hello!  Everywhere we go locally, you seem to know “someone from school.” I love the fact that you are so social and confident and it continues to amaze me especially as I was the complete opposite as a child!

You’ve got a new best friend in your class who you talk about non-stop as well as exchange pictures and letters with. It has been so sweet to watch you both. Your excitement reached a pinnacle last weekend as you shared your first proper birthday party together.

Shoes and Socks Drama

The one thing that hasn’t changed has been the fury and (almost daily) drama about wearing shoes and socks into school. Just this very morning, you threw an almighty paddy about not wearing the socks as the “ends weren’t right” and I only just got you to put your shoes on (minus socks) after 10 torturous minutes of making sure the strap was “exactly straight.” I had to ashamedly hand over the socks to the teacher with my apologies. I don’t know what this is all about, but even our holidays down to Devon are marred by the fact that when we go to the beach, we know that you will at some point get in a strop about having sand on your feet.  I do get the feeling that this is going to be YOUR thing. A friend even joked recently that you’ll end up owning some kind of Jimmy Choo shoe empire when you’re older.


When Alice first started school, she was absolutely shattered, even famously asking to go to bed one afternoon at 4pm. I was half expecting the same with you Eva, but I’ve come to realise that even now, you need far little sleep compared to your older sister. We’ve had plenty of bedtimes where you will refuse to get into bed, or keep coming downstairs. And yet despite it being late, you will be the first one up in the morning usually between 6 and 6.30am (today was nearer to 5) and come in to us to tell us or show us something that is of vital importance. You refuse to acknowledge ever being tired, but the signs are definitely there …

Tantrums and Feistiness

Despite being almost 5, you can still throw a massive tantrum when something doesn’t go your way. Whether it’s socks and shoes, lack of sleep or your sister is just winding you up, when you lose your temper, you still really do lose it. Even this week we’ve had some terrible behaviour with aggressive shouting and lashing out. Your tantrums are enough to drive me to tears (or to totally losing my rag. Or both!). But what I love about you is that as quickly as you blow up, it all ends (relatively) quickly. You’re devastated when you know you’ve upset us. You always seek out cuddles and love and the moods never last long.


You still have a passion for music and you’re desperate to join all the school clubs which involve any musical instruments (they start in September and God help us). You experienced your first concert with friends to see Little Mix (I wonder if I’ll ever be able to tell you that it was in fact just the Tribute Act!). It was so funny to see you watching them transfixed and even funnier when you got up in the aisles to sing and dance to Black Magic. The ladies in the row in front especially loved that!! But more amusing was when, the next day, Monday, you took your Little Mix T.shirt into school for show and tell and got up to sing Shout Out To My Ex to the whole class. The thought of this even now, makes me chuckle. I can only imagine what the teacher thought!

You sat transfixed when you watched The Greatest Showman DVD the other week and were desperate to learn all the words to the songs. You love all of the school assemblies which involve singing and performing. Just today you were excited to nominate yourself to be part of your school’s up and coming talent contest – proudly declaring that you want to sing a song from The Greatest Showman on your own and even questioning if you might be on T.V.  I’m astounded by your confidence!


Despite the tantrums, you sometimes behave in ways that seem so much older than 4 or 5. You’re still at times so thoughtful, asking me how my day was or remembering if I’ve had a meeting to ask me how it went. When Daddy and I went out on a rare night out to the cinema recently, you told your older sister that it was good we were going out on our own as “Mummy and Daddy don’t do that very often.” I’ve learnt to remember to watch what I say to other adults when you’re around because you’ve developed a very good sense of listening in. You don’t miss a thing and you’re quick to pounce on any little piece of information especially if it is about or relates to you.

I’m sad in a way Eva to see the back of you being 4 because it has felt like such a transformation, such a cusp from you being little to growing up. You finished at pre-school and started big school, I’ve seen much more of your (loud, social and confident) personality shine through. Your tantrums and feistiness can still drive me to tears, but  I’ve loved seeing how much you have embraced being at school as well as making new friends. I know that it’s going to be one hell of journey watching you grow through school, but I know that your confidence and social skills will see you through!

Happy Birthday funny, feisty and gorgeous Eva! We wouldn’t have you any other way. xxx



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  1. Oh She is so gorgeous – in so many ways your descriptions match our littlest! What is it with these second girls? All the energy and need soooo little sleep! I hope you managed okay your first year with two girls at school – eagerly awaiting an update of how it’s panned out for you as a stay at home / work at home Mum. I’ll be there in another year!

    Thanks for linking up to #CoolMumClub lovely
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  2. What a lovely post and some great photos too. They grow up so quickly once they start school don’t they? I hope she enjoyed her birthday party. #coolmumclub

  3. Does she have any other issues about tags or seems or is it just shoes and socks. Glad she’s enjoying school and happy birthday! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

    1. Ooh your daughter must be one of the oldest in the year. Mine are both in the summer and so young ones!

  4. So lovely to remember all the little details to keep and look back on. The socks remind me of when my son was that age and he refused to wear school shirts because he was scared of the buttons, he is now about to turn 21 and doesn’t even remember it! #KCACOLS

    1. Hah! That is good to know and I’m sure one day we will look back on the shoe and sock dramas and laugh. One day!!

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