International Cousins Day 24th July 2016

Apparently 24th July 2016 is International Cousins Day. Who knew?!

I was lucky to grow up with two sisters. We are close in age so despite the usual fighting and bickering when we were very young, we were good company for each other. Despite our parents having siblings, we only had a total of 2 cousins who were born in Australia. We’ve seen them a few times over the years, but we never really experienced the joy of growing up with cousins that we were close to.

Cousins for Our Children

My children have got a whole new experience of cousins that we never had. They have 6 in total. The 2 on my husband’s side live a fair distance away and so we don’t get to see them that often, but now aged 7 and 4, they are close in age to my two daughters (3 and almost 5) and so they always get on very well whenever we do meet up.


The other 4 cousins belong to my 2 sisters and they are all very close in age – the eldest, (the only boy bless him) will be 7 in September. Then there’s 2 other girls just turning 5, the same age as Alice. (Yes my sisters and I were weirdly all pregnant together)! The youngest cousin is 2 and a half; 6 months younger than my youngest, Eva.


Seeing as my sisters and I don’t live excessively long distances apart, we get to meet up fairly regularly and one thing I’ve noticed, especially recently, is just how BRILLIANTLY they all get on. They seem to have reached this magical age where we can now, on the whole just leave them to get on and play and amuse themselves. I’m astonished that there never seems to be any arguments or foul play (at least that I know about).

It’s so interesting to watch them and see who is playing with who, which ones are taking the lead and being bossy, which ones are happy to sit back and be told what to do, who is looking out for who. It’s also really interesting to see all their little personalities and quirks and preferences develop.



Last Year’s Holiday

Last April, my mum and dad took my sisters and our families away on holiday for a week. What could have been utter carnage and mayhem, fuelled with arguments and fallings outs, was instead a fantastic week away where the kids just LOVED being together. It felt sad to come home and split them up from each other!

Last day 1.JPG

Who knows how they will be when they’re older,  I’m bracing myself for the day when they all start going out drinking and clubbing together, but for now,  I’m so happy that they seem to all be good friends and are there for each other.

Happy International Cousins Day! Another excuse for a get together.

Do you have cousins and if so, do you have a strong relationship with them? I’d love to know.

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0 thoughts on “International Cousins Day 24th July 2016

  1. I love the relationships that cousins have. I was very lucky growing up I had a close knit family especially with my cousins, I was actually just chief bridesmaid for my cousin recently. #bloggerclubuk

  2. I love this post! I agree, the children are very lucky and it is lovely to see them all playing together and enjoying each other’s company in a ‘secure’ relationship, i.e. one where they don’t have to prove anything to friends or try to outdo each other, etc – all those playground anxieties to come!

  3. I have a strong bond with my cousins back home too and I wanted my kids to experience that as well. My husband’s family here in UK is not huge but I still try to let my kids see and bond with their cousins if there’s a chance. It’s definitely nice growing up and playing with cousins. #coolmumclub

  4. A what a lovely thing to honour! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Such a lovely brood of cousins there…sadly my little girl only has one…thanks for linking up with #coolmumclub lovely xx

  5. A very wise, sensible, and brilliant list Cheryl! I was nodding all the way through! Staying away from people who make you feel bad, really resonates with me. After years of being hurt by my oldest friends, and wishing things could be different, I realised they never would be. So I just deleted all their numbers, and blocked them from every social media account I have. The relief was INSTANT. And I haven’t looked back. They recently found someone on Facebook who could contact me on their behalf, saying they wanted to talk to me. I have no interest in talking to them, so politely declined. Social media lies is also one that’s been my bugbear for a while! I hardly used it until I started a blog-for that reason! And the amount of time I now have to spend on it, reinforces that point to me every day!! I’ve got a fair few years to go before I’m 40, but I’m going to really focus on taking the bull by the horns in the next few years, and going after the things I’ve always been too scared to do, and trying to change things I want to change, in that time!! Thanks for a very thought provoking list, and have a wonderful birthday! Xx

    1. Thank you!! I’m glad you haven’t looked back. We spend so much of our younger years trying to please others, I often wish I could visit myself when I was a teenager or in my twenties and tell myself to get a grip!! I guess it’s just a natural thing that we learn as we get older. Just think of the pearls of wisdom I can pass on when I’m 50 or 60?!! No scrap that, you’ll probably still not even be 40! So let’s just agree to drink wine and be the best we can be with no comparisons or issues from other people!! Xx

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