Questions to Ask At Parents’ Evening

Parents Evening Questions

This week I have a parents’ evening at Alice’s school. It will be her second time since starting at primary school last September and  I’m quite looking forward to it because I was too ill to go to her very first one back in October.

Bad Beginnings

Alice didn’t take to school very well. That’s a bit of an understatement. October and November were probably 2 of the worst months of my life; every morning I had to drag her kicking and screaming into the car waking up all the neighbours whilst trying to deal with the feisty toddler too. It was EXHAUSTING!

Thankfully, since Christmas the tide has turned and she seems to be really enjoying it now. Like most other schools, we only get given a 10 minute slot to talk with her teacher and there’s a fair bit I want to catch up on, so I thought I’d do a little bit of research about what sort of questions to ask so that I don’t come across as an aggressive Tiger Mum! Here’s some of the best questions that I’ve discovered:

General Questions:

  • How is my child progressing?
  • What areas are my child strong in and how are you encouraging those?
  • What does she find difficult and how are you supporting her with this?
  • What can we do at home to help?
  • What is the biggest challenge coming up for my child? (This is a good one because it identifies any weaknesses and gives you time for how you can prepare for this in advance).
  • Are there any extra-curricular activities that you think she would enjoy or benefit from taking part in?


Questions for Reception and what I most want to ask for Alice:

  • How has she settled in? (How is she doing now compared to last term?)
  • How is she at making friends? Who does she spend most of her time with?
  • Is she happy?
  • Does she speak out / join in discussions / ask her questions?


Apparently it’s a good idea to:

  • Ask your child before you go to parents’ evening if there’s anything they are worried about or want to be discussed.
  • Take questions with you so you don’t forget anything during your 10 minute slot!
  • Feedback to your child afterwards in a positive and encouraging way.


I doubt I’ll get very far with asking all these questions in just 10 minutes, so I’ll have to work out the priorities before I go. Do let me know if there’s any other questions that you’ve found useful.


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0 thoughts on “Questions to Ask At Parents’ Evening

  1. Great questions and good idea to plan ahead (wish I’d read this before our parents eve last night!) It’s also a good idea to find a babysitter and leave your children at home (especially if you have a toddler who’s going to try and run around screaming and shout “poo” when you’re having a serious discussion with the teacher…)

  2. We’ve got parents’ evening this evening! 10 minutes is such a short space of time but BB has a ‘progress book’ which we get to look through which I always love! #coolmumclub

  3. Perfectly timed article, like you I soon have my 4yr olds 2nd parents evening since she started in September. For the first I was mainly concerned that she was settled so thanks for the tips- I never thought of asking the kids if there was anything they would like me to talk about?!
    It’s a tricky age, I also have a 7yr old who’s naturally pretty studious and at that age it’s a bit more obvious to parents what they should actually be doing/achieving eg spellings, times, you know, the ‘proper stuff’ 😂 Hope you enjoy your parents evening, it’s so cute seeing all the stuff they’ve been up to at school! #coolmumclub

    1. Glad it was helpful. I know, I never thought to ask her directly either. I did this last night but didn’t get much of a response but I suppose at least it’s involving them. Ours is tonight and we’ve just seen their assembly today too which was cute. It’s amazing what they’ve learnt in just 6 months. Hope yours goes well. X

  4. That’s a great list of questions. I’ve found that LP’s teacher covers most of those questions without me asking. We have LP’s Parents Evening soon too, and I can’t wait to find out what he’s been up to. This is our second year, and he’s doing so well, at least I think he is! I’d agree that writing down any questions you have is a good idea.

    1. Thanks Morgan. I used the questions last night and they were good to have as a back up! I agree, it’s really interesting to find out what they do and how they’re getting on, mostly because I get so little feedback! X

  5. This is such a useful post – as Tigs starts school in September I def need to get better with parents evenings…at nursery I always come away feeling I should have asked more…but what?!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub. In fact, I’m going to pin this for later…

  6. That’s a helpful list.

    There’s never enough time and I never got to ask half the things I wanted to (mainly because I forget once I’m in there. Next time I’ll take a list!). They did cover off most of this for us (N does tell me quite a bit) but I’d like to really know how he’s progressing vs the others/where he should be. He started school not interested in reading or writing, and although he’ll do it on his own (writing anyway)m he’ll not put any effort and moans all the time – not helped by him having to read at 6pm which is too later really when he’s exhausted. Hope your parents evening went well #thelist

    1. Thanks. It’s such a whirlwind when they start school isn’t it? They’re often so tired to do anything with them after school. Our parents’ Evening went well thanks (and I took a list of questions to prompt me too!) x

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