The Highs and Lows of Bunk Beds


With our youngest daughter getting too big for her cot and due to move into a “big bed” we made the decision recently to get the girls bunk beds. We got ours from John Lewis as they looked lovely and were on offer in the sale. My husband spent a “tricky” Saturday morning putting them together.

There was great excitement as both girls finally got to try out their new beds. The eldest obviously gets the top bunk but there were squeals of delight as they both tried clambering up and down the ladder as well as hiding under their new bedding. Since that time we have seen definite advantages as well as some disadvantages with the bunks:

The Highs

  • I love the fact that our daughters are now company for each other at night time. It’s so endearing to hear them chatting in bed before they go to sleep. I’ve fond memories of sharing a bedroom with my sister, I think it does give siblings a close bond when they share a room.
  •  There’s no denying the saving on space that bunk beds have given us rather than having two single beds in the one room.
  •  With the girls now sharing, it means that our third bedroom is promoted to The Spare Room. OK so right now it’s a bit of a dumping ground but if anyone comes to stay I’m sure we can make better use of it 
  • The novelty of playing on the beds (as pirate ships and countless other things) hasn’t as yet worn off.


 The Lows

  • The biggest downside to bunk beds or sharing a bedroom is THE FEAR of one child waking the other up. Our eldest daughter has recently started primary school and has had some trouble settling in, to the point that she has been waking up in the night upset about going to school. Thankfully the youngest seems to sleep through the commotion, except for one evening where we were all up and awake at 3am. The youngest has also developed an annoying new habit of waking up between 5.30 and 6am. She yells for attention and I have to get up or risk her waking the eldest who desperately needs more sleep.
  • The youngest is still too little to climb down the ladder herself. (Going up doesn’t seem to be a problem!) This means she has to be watched carefully or given strict instructions to call out if she wants to get down. Hopefully this downside shouldn’t last too long.
  • Climbing up the ladder and gregariously lifting up the corners of the surprisingly heavy mattresses whilst trying to change the sheets on the top bunk is like performing some kind of weird comedy dance routine. It is not easy and has put me off changing the bedding frequently.

On balance I think the highs outweigh the lows. I know sharing a bedroom can’t last forever. At some point our daughters will become older, moodier and want their own room; they won’t want a sister in their space. Until then, I’m happy with the space saving bunk beds and to continue listening to those lovely little night time sister chats.

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  1. Great list, we have just got bunk beds for our boys, who are 6 and 2, we haven’t put them together yet but I am half dreading it, because the 2 year old will be a nightmare climbing, and also super excited to re-do their bedroom and rediscover the space we are loosing. #TheList

    1. Thanks Caroline! I was worried about my youngest climbing and staying in the bed but it went surprisingly well. Give it a try I bet it goes better than you think. They will love it for sure! X

  2. My girls have a bunkbed that actually looks identical to yours. 🙂 We started the older on in it at the bottom and the top was decorated with stuffed animals, so by the time the younger one moved into the big girl bed and into the same room, it wasn’t “new” anymore so I had less fears about the younger wanting to get to the top as much. We’ve had it for about 2 years now and I don’t have any complaints except for a few times of “she’s bothering me,” ..but that’s just sisters. 😉 By the way our “spare room” turned into my “craft room”, which my husband now refers to as the “crap room”… and it’s a well deserved name. 😉

  3. Great summary! We’ve got bunkbeds too for our two boys (6 and 3) and it took the two of us an entire day to put them together! I very quickly realised that I would have to get the youngest off to sleep before letting the eldest go in because otherwise my pre-schooler would be running around and not letting his big brother get any sleep. I’m not sure what will happen when they get older – cross that bridge when we get to it eh?! Thanks so much for joining in with #thetruthabout this week! X

  4. How ironic because we just moved our boys into bunk beds last week! I find the same pros & cons although they slept in the same room together already so the waking each other up isnt’ an issue. Kids tend to sleep through most things anyway I think. #TwinklyTuesday x

  5. We have bunk beds for the girls (2&3) and after a few teething problems (mainly with the 2 year old constantly climbing up onto her sisters bed in the night) they seem to work well for us!! #twinklytuesdays

    1. Glad it’s working out well for you! My 2 year old continually climbs up on to the top bunk (during the day) and then can’t get down so I’m forever running upstairs to rescue her! Thanks for commenting. X

      1. Haha yep well Megan can get down but whether I trust her to get down is a different matter! I’m amazed we haven’t landed ourselves in A&E (am profusely touching wood right now!), just keep hoping that the novelty will wear off!!! Xx

  6. Aww these look like fab bunk beds and the girls look very pleased. I like the furniture out of John Lewis, we bought a toddler bed for my son when he was little and it lasted so well. I’ve kept it in fact for when my daughter gets bigger 🙂

  7. This was interesting to read as we are thinking about getting our two girls a bunkbed. They share a room and the youngest is ready for a big bed so I thought a bunk bed might be a good space saver.

  8. I wish you luck! Our son and daughter shared a room for two years…they are 5 years apart. When he turned 8 we decided he needed his own space where he could have solitude if needed and a place to keep his “treasures.” #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you. So far so good! I know the day will come when we have to separate them as the eldest will want her own space, but for now it works! Thanks for commenting. X

  9. We have bunk beds for our daughers, (2 and 3) and they LOVE them! My 2 year old does wake up her sister every day but that would happen whether they were sharing a room or not. In time they might decide they want their own space but for now they love it! #MMWBH

  10. Aww! We had bunk beds when my sister & I were little. Been wondering about putting ours in together to get a room back too, but also worried they would wake each other! #MMWBH

    1. I think do it and see!! Mine would wake each other even if in separate rooms. It’s a lovely bonding experience for them too. Thanks for reading. X

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