Blogging Break – A Good or Bad Thing?

I’ve had a couple of weeks break with the kids for Easter. We had a few day trips out, saw friends and family and spent a week in Norfolk with my in-laws. It was the same place we went to last year – a fantastic converted barn with indoor pool for the kids.

Unlike last year, I completely switched off from blogging. Last year, I was organised and had blog posts planned and scheduled ready to go. I diligently responded to all comments that came in and was busy on social media. This year, I did the complete opposite and did nothing. I had no blog posts planned and I didn’t really care, I just wanted a break from it all. Which made me think. Is a blogging break a good or a bad thing?

Reasons Why a Blogging Break is Good

  1. It has been incredibly liberating to not be ruled by my phone! To not feel the need to check stats, respond to comments and interact quite so frequently on social media. I’ve enjoyed time out to live in the real world.

2. I’ve spent some quality time with my family.

3. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’m not sure I’ve arrived at any great revelations, but the pondering has been good!

4. A lot of people say that a blogging break gives them some new perspective, along with thoughts about new goals and ideas. I can’t say I’ve had this, as I haven’t thought about blogging much at all!

Reasons Why a Blogging Break is Bad

1. I’ve lost my momentum a bit. I’ve found it hard to get back into blogging and have lost a bit of motivation. I’m not sure about you, but I have found that creativity sparks creativity and that if I’m motivated and into writing my blog, I often find plenty of ideas come flooding into my head for more posts. Having a blogging break has broken the flow of ideas and creativity.

2. This drop in momentum and lull in motivation in turn made me question – what the hell am I doing anyway? Is anyone reading? Does it even matter? Should I just quit anyway?! I’m definitely one of those people who seem to do better when I’m busy and got lots on. If I find myself going through a quiet or sluggish patch with for example work or blogging, I find it affects my motivation with everything. I find that I lose my way a bit!


What do you think? Do you ever properly switch off from blogging? Or are you too worried about stats and readers?  I don’t feel guilty about having a break, my only problem is getting going again and I’m hoping in time and with us all getting back into the usual routine, things will fall into place again relatively quickly!

I’d love to know your views on blogging breaks!



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