Why I Love A Shiny Brand New Year. 2018 Goals Vs 2017

It seems inevitable to write a blog post about New Year’s Resolutions, but it feels good to put some goals out there and also to look back at how things went last year.

Whilst January is completely depressing with long evenings, cold weather and everyone skint and promising “never to drink again”, there is something I love about a New Year. There’s the promise of hope; a blank page just full of possibility. Perhaps this WILL be the year that we conquer the world and make our millions. Failing that, perhaps this year we will lose weight / get fit / fulfil our dreams to achieve something. I get a bit excited that perhaps this year it will be the year that SOMETHING will happen.

Granted, I’m never sure at what stage that excitement wears off and the drudgery kicks in. Maybe it only lasts a week or two, but whilst I’m feeling upbeat and positive it seems like a good time to look back on what I wanted to do last year and think of things I’d like to achieve in 2018.

2017 Was The Year That…….

I decided to scrap all the usual resolutions and instead set some writing goals. To sum up, these were:

  1. Contact and re-visit all past clients for more copywriting work
  2. Pitch to new clients for copywriting work
  3. Freshen up my copywriting website
  4. Post one blog a week
  5. Move to a self-hosted platform with the blog
  6. Blog once a month for other people like Selfish Mother and Huffington Post etc.
  7. Attempt more fiction writing
  8. Pitch to more newspapers and magazines
  9. Read more books!

With the exception of number 6 and number 4 which waned a bit over the summer, I can’t believe that I actually managed all of these! Not only that, but it’s funny how priorities shifted and changed. I had a strong start with my copywriting work at the beginning of 2017, but it dwindled a lot over the summer and where I hoped to “attempt” more  fiction writing, this weirdly enough become far more prominent for me in 2017.

2018 Goals

Resolutions always conjures up the idea of giving things up and is fairly depressing so instead, here’s some of my general goals for 2018.

1. Write More. This includes blogging more frequently, but I want to keep up with the fiction. I’ve been entering short story competitions for the last few months, and I’m going to try and do that every month going forward. There’s a couple of other projects on the go as well as some copywriting work, so I’m looking to write a little bit every day or as much as I can.

2. Run More. Last year, I got back into running. I found some lovely new routes and started running more frequently. I ran 6 or 7K last year, so I’d love to aim for more. Is 10K too much to aim for I wonder?!!

3. Drink Less Booze. I’m not going to give it up completely because that’s totally unrealistic, but I need to cut back on the booze as I’ve noticed I was getting too dependent on it last year which affected my sleep.

4. Earn More Money. There’s a couple of options here. I’ll keep on with trying to get more copywriting work, but as that proved quite inconsistent last year, I’m also looking into part time jobs. I feel like this year, with both girls in school, things will be different.

5. Read More. I did manage to read more last year but I want to keep going and fit even more books in this year!

Five goals, doesn’t seem like too much of an ordeal, but let’s see what happens!  Wishing you all a happy, healthy and inspirational 2018, let’s see what the New Year brings.

Do you set New Year resolutions or do you think they’re a waste of time? I’d love to hear any goals that you have.

8 thoughts on “Why I Love A Shiny Brand New Year. 2018 Goals Vs 2017

  1. Reading more is one of my goals too! So far so good, but we are only 2 weeks into the new year lol. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

    1. Hah!! I know what you mean. I’m doing well so far, but started with a great book that is hard to put down (How To Stop Time). Good luck!

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