Things to Love and Hate about Winter

The past three days has seen the UK experience heavy snow fall and below zero temperatures.  Anyone would have thought that it had never snowed before with all the attention it has been getting. The kids loved it. I enjoyed watching the kids and the snow from the inside.

I’m not a fan of this extreme weather or indeed this time of year. I’m much more of a summer girl who likes the sunshine, warmth and long evenings. But in a bid not to be a grumpy kill joy, here’s some of the things I do like about this time of year.

Things I Love About Winter and This Extreme Weather:

  1. The kids absolutely love the snow! Snowball fights, building snowmen and diving into the snow to do snow angels, there is just no stopping them. I can’t bear the cold white stuff, but I have to admit, seeing their smiley faces does light me up and give me a warm glow!

2. Warm sunny days might get you some lovely photographs, but I have to admit, nothing looks as pretty as the snow and icy pictures. I’d just rather be taking them from the INSIDE.

Taken by my husband’s aunt at her farm in Wales

3. This cold weather is an excuse to drink more TEA and hot chocolate and helps to keep me warmed up too!

4. ‘Tis the season for slow cook dinners. I absolutely love a slow cook curry, casserole, chilli or stew. It’s not something we usually cook in the height of summer, but a lovely venison stew or vegetable curry is hearty and completely warms you up!

5.  If I was an animal, I’d be a hedgehog or tortoise or something that could hibernate. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to curl up inside with a good book and lots of tea.

6. I hate the dark, short evenings, but who can deny the lovely festive feeling at this time of year as Christmas draws near. There’s something special about the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree, the decorations brightening up the house, the school nativities and general feeling of goodwill amongst all men.

7. July or August just won’t cut it; this is the perfect time to drink mulled wine! I had a couple of glasses last week for the first time this winter and had forgotten just how delicious and warming it is.

And just to balance things out a bit, here’s some of

The Things I Hate About Winter:

  1. The COLD. I generally feel the cold anyway but the past three days of sub zero degrees, has seen me wear multiple layers:  three tops, two trousers and two layers of socks! Plus slippers. I can’t bear it.

2. The U.K. becomes a bit unhinged in the extreme weather. It dominates the news (along with social media feeds). The weather becomes even more of a topic of discussion than usual.

3. Infrastructure starts to fail. Roads get closed, trains stop running and schools shut (although to be fair, ours has remained open so far). Even our car froze shut today and I couldn’t open it for half an hour!  I find it amusing that we still can’t cope as a nation in any type of extreme weather.

4.The ice makes walking anywhere treacherous. The girls and  I hobbled along the icy pavements this morning. I looked like I’d just given birth again!

5. The extreme cold and the constant central heating plays havoc with my skin. My hands and lips are constantly cracked and chapped.

6. There’s always more lurgies. Coughs, colds, fever, runny noses and pains, it seems that one of us is always suffering from something and it will probably be that way until spring. Plus I’m pretty sure that I’m prone to feeling S.A.D as this time of year.

7. What with Christmas, heating bills, extra clothes and medicine to see you through the winter months, this time of year is expensive!


There’s good and bad points to winter. I’m still much more of a summer girl, but as long as I can keep warm with plenty of layers, blankets, hot tea and a good book to see me through these months, I don’t mind watching winter from inside the warm!


How about you? Do you love or hate the recent extreme weather of winter?


9 thoughts on “Things to Love and Hate about Winter

    1. The horrible thing is we’ve still got two more months of winter!! I’m over it already! Stay warm and Merry Christmas to you too. Xx

  1. Love this! I hate that my children always get sick A LOT and it takes it’s toll on the whole family. But I do love it when it’s snowy with blue skies and you have that fresh crisp air. Hot chocolate and lots of tea. There’s something comforting about it all really. #CoolMumClub

  2. I feel you Cheryl! My hubby is OBSESSED with snow and wanted to honeymoon in Antarctica. I convinced him it might be a short lived marriage, I’d die from the cold, and convinced him to do Thailand instead. I was definitely born in the wrong country as I come alive in the sunshine, like a little lizard!
    Although, I must admit, I do have a tad of snow envy this week 😉
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub and have an amazing (white perhaps?) Christmas! xx
    MMT recently posted…#CoolMumClub linky week 87My Profile

    1. Ooh some honeymoon that would be!! I’m with you, how can that compete with sunshine, beaches and the sea! I’m over the cold and ready for the spring now! Merry Christmas! Xx

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