My 5 Real Mum Moments


Being a mum is hard work. It often leaves me feeling stressed, inpatient and ready to pull my hair out, so The Real Mum Moments launched last week on Twitter by Digital Mums to celebrate Mother’s Day seemed like a great way for Mums to share their funny, vulgar and downright weird stories to show the less glossy side of parenting.

Off the top of my head, here are my 5 Real Mum Moments:

1.Serious Business Conversation – Whilst trying to have a “serious” conversation with a new client on the phone and trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about, my youngest came bursting into the room proclaiming, “Mummy I really need to do a poo right now!” Luckily the client could see / hear the funny side of it and offered to talk again later.

2. A Stressful Day – My eldest daughter asked me one tea time, “Mum, why are you drinking wine out of a tea cup?” RUMBLED! What can I say except that it had been a fairly stressful afternoon and I really really needed a glass of wine. I had thought that by drinking it out of a mug, the kids would never cotton on. It seems the 4 year old is more switched on than I give her credit for.

3. Tampons – Coming out of the shower one morning I was surprised to find my eldest daughter trying to entice my youngest to play “dollies” with a packet of super tampons. (Perhaps she’s not that switched on after all).

4. Wine – Being asked by my youngest (aged 2.5 years) in the local Co-op, “Why are you buying THAT wine? You don’t normally get that one.” To which I just grinned manically and pretended to the staff that I had no idea what she was talking about. In truth, you may notice a running theme with wine going on here.

5. Emergency Services – I’m borrowing this one from my sister who was given a ticking off by the emergency services and told to keep a closer eye on her children after she realised that her daughter had inadvertently dialled 999 and asked to speak to daddy.

There you have it. Just 5 of my Real Mum Moments, I’m sure there are thousands more.

P.S. On inserting the photo above into this blog post, my youngest daughter asked me what I was doing with a photo of the Co-op. I promise that I do, on occasion, buy other items in this shop and not just booze.

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A Dedication to All Mums for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day     Being a mum is hard work. Whether you’re a brand new mum who is still finding her feet with the joys of sleep deprivation, a worn out mum who is dealing with a feisty toddler or a mum worrying about her grown up children.

Whatever the situation and however old your children are, there always seems something to worry about. Worry about whether your kids are OK and worry about whether you’re doing the right thing too. It’s exhausting!

In honour of Mother’s Day, I dedicate this post to you, lovely mums. I know so many different mums who are all facing different situations and all facing a battle of some sort. I’ve identified 6 types of mum and I know at least 2 mums from each group. Read on to see if you can recognise yourself in here, because this is especially for you:

The New Mum: Possibly a first time mum or a new mum who is also struggling to cope with entertaining an older sibling. The lack of sleep is a shock to the system as are the demands of feeding and trying to figure out general routines. Mums who have their second or subsequent new baby face a shock because they’re trying to figure out how on earth they can satisfy the demands of a screaming baby, but placate their feisty toddler too – tricky!

The Full Time Working Mum: I know several full time working mums who are all getting up at the crack of dawn to drop their kids off at nursery before doing an often long commute to get into the office. They must feel like they’ve done a day’s work before sitting at their desk. And then running for the train on the way home, praying for no delays in order to pick up their kids and start the bedtime routine. They have my greatest respect, I really don’t know how they do it.

The Incomplete Mum: These mums have lost a child too soon. They will never be the same again. Despite getting up and putting on a brave face every day, a piece of them is missing. I can’t even begin to imagine how they must feel, they are true heroes.

The Juggling Work & Juggling Kids Mum: Whether they are working part time, freelancing or working from home, these mums struggle to fit in work and kids. They’re cramming every spare child free moment with trying to sort out work. Whilst the kids are in child care they are working, when the kids are in front of the TV they are answering emails. All too often they feel like they aren’t doing anything to the best of their ability; work and parenting feels like half measures and they often wish they could do both a bit better.

The Stay at Home Mum:  Teacher, carer, entertainer, nurse; the list goes on for the role of the full time mum. Some days can be rewarding, fun and memorable. The bad days can be exhausting, mind-numbing, out of control and damn right horrible. Dealing with tantrums, sickness, general bad behaviour and not talking to another adult for 12 hours can be excruciating. I know plenty of mums who on occasion have cried, screamed and felt like walking out and never coming back.

The Empty Nest Mum: Having devoted most of their life to their children, these mums are suddenly facing having more time on their hands. Whether the kids are all now at school, university or left home, these mums may feel at a bit of a loss … or they might be dancing round the kitchen looking forward to their new-found freedom. Either way, it’s a sudden lifestyle change that can be as daunting as it might be exhilarating. After so many years, what to do next?

Whatever type of mum you are, it can be tough. Everyone’s struggling with every day issues and problems that can be very small and minor or huge and life changing.

Whatever your situation, I hope you all manage to take a bit of time to relax and enjoy Mother’s Day, because you all deserve it, you’re doing a wonderful job!  Xx