Hello! Welcome to Tea or Wine; a lifestyle blog, where I discuss whatever might be consuming my mind at any moment in time.

Topics range from the mammoth ups and downs of parenting, to ponderings about freelancing, analysing marketing campaigns, and the more recent trials of trying to run.


I’m a mum to two young girls, Alice born August 2011, now 5 and Eva was born in July 2013 and is now a feisty 3 and a half year old. We are not allowed to forget the half.  She is a diva!

I’ve been married to JB for 7 years and we’ve been together for 12. We are both 41 years old. (Eeeek!)



In a previous life I worked in marketing, went out a LOT and slept in at weekends.


I’m a freelance marketing copywriter which I juggle with looking after the girls. Both take a lot of hard work and aren’t easy! You can find out more about my freelance business here.

I don’t get out as much as I used to, but still love occasionally going out for dinner, cocktails and wine when I can.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and so I’m lucky to be able to write for clients as well as myself on this blog. I also contribute to  The Huffington Post.


I drink a lot of tea to help power me through the day and I still love my red wine to help me unwind in the evening. So it seemed only natural that I call this blog Tea or Wine.

Both taste so much better when drinking with friends and having a chat.

What’s your preference? Will you join me for tea or wine?


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  1. Hey Cheryl, always good to come across the blog of a fellow freelancer! While I’m not a big fan of tea or wine (I prefer coffee or pina coladas), after looking at a few of your posts, I am a fan of your writing style and your upbeat attitude. I’ll definitely be dropping by from now on.

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