5 Ways Kids Party Harder Than You

I’m slowly returning to normal life having spent most of last weekend living in a surreal land of Pin The Tail on The Donkey and Pass The Parcel.  Saturday was Eva’s 3rd birthday. Why I thought it was a good idea to have 2 parties and then go to another child’s party on the Sunday I’ll never know. Friday we hosted a very informal get together with pre-school friends. Saturday we hosted a BBQ party for family including 6 kids and 9 adults. Sunday, I staggered down the road to a friend’s party held in a village hall and in my zombie like state, stared in disbelief for 2 hours at the most bizarre children’s entertainer.

Saturday (Actual) Birthday Party Outfit

3 Birthday Parties, 3 Different Outfits!


The Reason for My Tiredness?

  1. Cake – if you’ve read my previous post about the pressure of making a birthday cake, you’ll know that I’m not a natural baker. But yet for some inexplicable reason I seem to torture myself every year by insisting on baking my children a cake. There have been some real horrors over the years. So this year the birthday girl proclaimed she wanted a turtle cake. I’ve no idea why. I spent the usual few days in the run up to the day stressing about this and as her favourite colour is purple, eventually came up with this fairly ugly beast:

I needn’t have stressed out too much as despite it looking fairly ugly, it tasted yummy and most of the kids just bolted it straight down their throat without even looking at it.

2. Food – As well as the cake there’s the usual stress about buying enough food to feed the 5,000 and probably more importantly (or perhaps this is just my family) buying enough booze to water the 5,000.

3. Weather – Despite it being early July we spend every year debating whether to risk holding the party outside in the garden or cramming everyone inside. There’s always a dilemma about what to do about the BBQ if it rains.

4. Entertainment – Games, music and other general ways to entertain children ranging in ages between 2 and 6 always keeps me busy for a while. And again, it always seems to directly correlate to point number 3.

5. Presents – Sourcing the birthday present. This should be fairly easy but The Husband and I always have to have a pow wow about it for days on end before realising we’ve left it almost too late to order anything online.

Yes, this pretty much sums up why I’ve been feeling like a zombie and was ready to go to bed at 7pm on each night of the weekend. Unfortunately my kids did not feel the same way. Like the Duracell Bunny, their energy knows no bounds, they seem to have the capacity to keep on going. I wonder what on earth they can be taking other than a burger and purple cake that keeps them going and can I get some of it please?

Here’s 5 reasons why they party harder than us:

1. They always wake early. There’s no birthday lie in or casual lolling around for breakfast in bed. Instead the morning starts generally at 5.30am with shouts of “It’s my birthday” or from the older sister “Wake Up! It’s Eva’s birthday!”

2.Over excitement about presents. They get into an absolute frenzy tearing paper off here, there and everywhere not really caring what’s inside.


3. On the go. Once the party starts, there’s no casual sitting around chatting or hanging out in the kitchen, it’s full on craziness from start to finish from running around like a nutter to dancing like loons. They will keep going proclaiming they are not tired and have to be physically put into bed often in an over-(non tired) mess screaming about a “pillow with lumps in it” and having the sheets tucked in. “Tighter” “I said Tighter!”

4. They eat what the hell they like. Forget all that green healthy salad stuff that you’ve been preparing for hours. It’s just plate after plate of crisps, cake and sweets. If you’re lucky, they may eat a sausage or a bit of bread.

5.They will get up and do it all again. Pretty much exactly the same (including the 5.30am start) for the next two days.

Phew! I’m exhausted just reliving it. No wonder I’m still feeling absolutely shattered from the madness of the weekend. It was all fabulous if tiring and Eva had a wonderful time. Just remind me to have only the one party next year.




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0 thoughts on “5 Ways Kids Party Harder Than You

  1. wow thats a lot of parties. I bet you are relieved! It does look like a lot of fun though! 🙂

  2. Looks like your little girl had so much fun! Oh That’s why I’m not so looking forward to birthdays… it’s great to celebrate but the stress on the pre and post birthday is sometimes too much to take. My son will be turning 6 next week and I’m still confused whether to hold a party or not. #BloggerClubUK

  3. I hope you found time to sit down with a cuppa and a slice of cake before you started into tidying up the aftermath? I love the photos, really happy little bunnies. I secretly get quite excited for them on the big day, they are just so cute but yes I also think there should be a post-party helpline for parents too! 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  4. Ha kids absolutely do party harder than us for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Good on you for baking a cake, and yep, I too always buy waaaay to much food! #Bloggerclubuk

  5. I bet with all your sisters and those kids you keep popping out between you, you have loads of family parties! They are such a double edged sword….fun, brilliant, what it’s all about…and an absolute bitch at the same time!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub xx

  6. Haha, this made me laugh. Noah’s birthdays have been known to run for three days like a mini festival with different friends and family to be entertained. Then we tag on a little ‘do’ for Kitty a month later, when I’m too shattered and broke to go through it all again 🙂
    PS Hope all that bread fit in the freezer?!

    1. Yep already on with planning for Alice’s birthday which falls exactly 7 weeks after Eva’s!! Why didn’t we plan the spacing of kids better?! Oh yes I crammed all that bread in!! Xx

  7. Kid’s parties are full on aren’t they?! I did Baby a first birthday party (Alice in Wonderland) and I haven’t done another since! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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