7 Reasons To Love a Nativity


We’ve had 2 Christmas nativity performances in 2 weeks. Both girls were angels; a tad ironic as I’ve just witnessed the worst week of behaviour in both children with tears and tantrums galore.

Putting all that aside, it has been lovely to see both girls perform. Alice had her first ever “big school” nativity where all the Reception kids sang and acted out a vague version of the nativity. It all went well despite a slight upset with a rogue elf. Eva had her first ever pre-school nativity; an eclectic mix of The Lion King, Bob The Builder and the original nativity story.

Who doesn’t love watching a school nativity? It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

  1. Watching a school nativity makes you feel incredibly festive. It made me realise with a jolt that Christmas is suddenly upon us.
  1. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the singing or seeing your children all dressed up, but I definitely had a lump in my throat at both performances.
  1. The Teachers. Christmas nativities makes you appreciate the hard work and dedication of the teachers. The pre-school teachers have a hell of a job trying to control, coax and cuddle the 2 and 3 year olds. And I can’t appreciate enough how hard it must have been for the primary school teachers to direct and inspire the 4 and 5 year olds to practise their songs and their lines.
  1. The Spirit of Christmas. There’s nothing like a nativity scene to make you remember the real reason and story of Christmas.
  1. I’ve been fondly remembering mine and my sisters’ nativities and relaying these to my children. I once played Mary whilst my younger sister was the donkey! The old style home made costumes complete with headdresses made of tea-towels and old curtains were definitely the best, I can’t help but be a little bit nostalgic for them in amongst all the current shop bought outfits!
  1. There always seems to be some little moment in the school nativity that makes everyone laugh whether it’s a slight glitch or an over confident child. At Alice’s school nativity there was a confident donkey who started performing more elaborate dancing moves when he realised he was getting more laughs. Eva’s nativity had a technical hitch as the CD got stuck but it still made everyone laugh.
  1. Over the last month both girls have come home from their respective schools practising their “Christmas songs.” It’s been great to hear them singing their heads off and has given me a little bit of an insight into their lives at school. We were intrigued by Eva who has confidently been singing “Hump The Celebration” at the top of her voice every day. We eventually discovered at the nativity that the real words were “Come the Celebration.”

I’m sure these past few weeks have seen plenty of school nativity plays. What roles have your kids been playing and have  you enjoyed them?



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