7 Things that Send The Toddler into a Complete Meltdown


We are in THAT horrible phase when our toddler knows best. You could tell her that the sky is blue and she will say it’s green. You can tell her it’s time for bed and she’ll argue that it’s breakfast time. You can tell her it’s really still the middle of the night and far too early to get up and she’ll stamp her feet and loudly protest otherwise whilst waking everyone else in the house up too.

Not only does she know best about everything, but she wants certain things without fail NOW. Chocolate buttons, her scooter, her bunny. Whatever the toddler wants she must have within precisely 2 seconds or all hell will break loose.

I know it’s her age. I know it’s the “terrible twos” and that it won’t last forever, but my God, I better try and acquire some more patience from somewhere before I end up doing something I’ll regret.

The 7 Things:

 1) She Absolutely MUST go to The Toilet on Her Own

She must do EVERYTHING herself regardless of the consequences which often results in a horrible poo smeared mess. I have tried explaining that I don’t have time to be cleaning the toilet, floor and walls every time she goes, but she continues to stamp her foot and insist that she is a big girl and can go to the toilet all on her own.

2) She Must Choose What She Wears Every Day

This was a novelty to begin with. Now I find it irritating at best. All of the decent looking better quality clothes (I can’t say new as 95% of it is hand-me-downs from older sister or cousins), are completely ignored. Instead she insists on wearing the same 5 or 6 items of clothing on rotation either because they are purple or because they have a cute animal embroidered on them. I have taken to hiding a pair of purple spotty jeans that have now shrunk in the wash due to constant wear because if she had her way she would wear them every SINGLE day.

3) Leading nicely into – She Must Dress Herself Every Day

If choosing her own clothes was painful enough, watching her trying to get dressed is excruciating. Why oh why can’t she just accept my help to put her knickers and God forbid tights on? Can’t she understand that it’s traumatic enough trying to suffer the daily issue of the school run for her older sister and that we really must leave the house at 8.25 LATEST?!!  Seriously, does it really matter if I do her purple jeans up and not her?

4) If Adverts Interrupt Her TV Viewing

When she wants to watch TV, I normally have a certain staple series of Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly play round on a loop from YouTube on the TV. Heaven help us all if we are watching a live television programme and we are forced to wait a few minutes whilst the adverts are on.

5) If Her Morning Milk isn’t Brought to Her Within 2 Minutes of Asking

The toddler is 2 and a half. She shouldn’t need milk in the morning, but it has become a habit that is now hard to break. I don’t want to get up before 6am to go and get her sodding cup of milk. But likewise, I don’t really want the entire house in meltdown complete with husband shouting and older school daughter crying at being woken up pre-dawn. I know I really should stand my ground, but for the moment, I’ll have to go with this one.

6) There MUST be Nursery Rhymes Playing in The Car

I am in serious trouble if I try to listen to the radio rather than have Wheels on The Bus churning out on the CD player. Which is a tad unfair. If we’re on a long drive to the mother-in-law’s I’d really like the opportunity to listen to the news at some point or sing along to some grown up tunes. If I dare to chance this, perhaps when she looks like she might be on the verge of nodding off, there is a shriek of protest. “Turn the stupid news off Mummy,” or “Don’t sing that song mummy, put on Wheels on The Bus.”

7) She Will Only Eat With The Purple Spoon

We have an array of plastic cutlery along with a complete cupboard devoted to kids’ plates and bowels. The toddler will only consider eating with the purple spoon, preferably from the purple plate accompanied by the purple bowl. If any of these items have inexplicably been delayed in the dishwasher before her breakfast / snack / lunch / dinner, there will be a meltdown. I wouldn’t mind but after a full-blow show down about having the F’ING purple spoon, she quite often proceeds to eat with her fingers, getting food all over the table and floor in the process.

I could go on with this list as invariably there are more than 7 things that can send her into a meltdown. These are just the ones I can recall right now.

One day, I’m sure I’ll look back on this list and laugh. One day.


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0 thoughts on “7 Things that Send The Toddler into a Complete Meltdown

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! At least it’s the right weather for wellies. Sounds like a good look, although hard to manage when the dress inevitably needs a wash! Thanks for commenting. X

  1. This is hilarious and frustrating and makes me never want to experience terrible twos with my little one. Any chance I could just skip to 5?

    The milk thing made me laugh because I hated milk yet my mother made me drink a pint a day until I was 14. At which she reluctantly agreed to half from then onwards.

    Hang in there and make sure to keep a note of the other hilarious things she does, with evidence, to embarrass her with when she’s older! There’s nothing like a bit of blackmail from your parents…

    1. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! A whole pint daily?! Wow, you must have super strength bones. I think I’d rather drop the milk if it meant another hour in bed…… Good luck I’m sure you’ll have tales of your own soon enough. Thanks for commenting. X

  2. I feel your pain! My boy is 2 and half and he wants to do everything on his own and wants everything this second! He hasn’t started potty training but I am sure when he does he won’t want my help. He still has milk first thing in the morning too and he gets really annoyed when there are adverts, he has got used to youtube viewing too! Hope things get better soon xx #TheList

  3. I have been through similar things with mine! One of mine refused to wear socks because they ‘don’t feel nice’! It didn’t matter what I tried, she always pulled them off, even if I managed to get them on the first place! The joys!! Good luck and hope it passes sooner rather than later 😉 #Abitofeverything

  4. Oh my this brought back memories. I remember mine wanting to dress themselves, oh it just takes so long! And my daughter would only wear clothes she had chosen, and that took ages too. Now I have my grandson, Bear. He is 15 months and has meltdowns too. Because I picked him up, because I put him down. Because I pushed the car, or didn’t push it or I put it on the garage, or I didn’t. Over so many things that I have no idea why. I was hoping it would get easier when he could tell me what he wanted! #abitofeverything

    1. Hah! Yes unfortunately there is no rhyme or reason for most of the meltdowns and that’s what makes the toddler stage quite hard work! It won’t last forever! Thanks for commenting. X

  5. Ha ha this had me reminiscing about my lot when they were toddlers….it’s a testing time for parents that’s for sure but it does ease off. However, rebellion comes back with a vengeance during the teenage years so enjoy that bit inbetween. 😉 #abitofeverything

  6. LOL…Been there with all three kids! The music in the car is particularly annoying to me, especially when it’s the one or two songs on repeat the entire journey! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  7. Haha yep, I have one of these. Infact I have 4 of these – 11, 3, 2 and 1 and all of them are I have to tell you, in my experience they never grow out of it!! #justanotherlinky

  8. This is a fab post and I have a similar battle with my own toddler, but we haven’t got to the dressing or toilet herself yet..sounds like I’m going to need more patience 🙂

  9. This is so true. We’re living with a threenager at the moment. Certainly keeps us guessing as to what’s going to tip him over the edge to become The Hulk. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I was very surprised that the thing that would always send mine into the biggest fit was not being able or allowed to do something for herself. It does get exhausting

  11. Isn’t mommyhood fun? Toddlers rule the world and I will pinch anyone who says otherwise. My youngest is about to turn 4 and I am hoping that her attitude will not be like that of her 4 year old sisters lol. I am visiting from #AnythingGoes.

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