My 5 Real Mum Moments


Being a mum is hard work. It often leaves me feeling stressed, inpatient and ready to pull my hair out, so The Real Mum Moments launched last week on Twitter by Digital Mums to celebrate Mother’s Day seemed like a great way for Mums to share their funny, vulgar and downright weird stories to show the less glossy side of parenting.

Off the top of my head, here are my 5 Real Mum Moments:

1.Serious Business Conversation – Whilst trying to have a “serious” conversation with a new client on the phone and trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about, my youngest came bursting into the room proclaiming, “Mummy I really need to do a poo right now!” Luckily the client could see / hear the funny side of it and offered to talk again later.

2. A Stressful Day – My eldest daughter asked me one tea time, “Mum, why are you drinking wine out of a tea cup?” RUMBLED! What can I say except that it had been a fairly stressful afternoon and I really really needed a glass of wine. I had thought that by drinking it out of a mug, the kids would never cotton on. It seems the 4 year old is more switched on than I give her credit for.

3. Tampons – Coming out of the shower one morning I was surprised to find my eldest daughter trying to entice my youngest to play “dollies” with a packet of super tampons. (Perhaps she’s not that switched on after all).

4. Wine – Being asked by my youngest (aged 2.5 years) in the local Co-op, “Why are you buying THAT wine? You don’t normally get that one.” To which I just grinned manically and pretended to the staff that I had no idea what she was talking about. In truth, you may notice a running theme with wine going on here.

5. Emergency Services – I’m borrowing this one from my sister who was given a ticking off by the emergency services and told to keep a closer eye on her children after she realised that her daughter had inadvertently dialled 999 and asked to speak to daddy.

There you have it. Just 5 of my Real Mum Moments, I’m sure there are thousands more.

P.S. On inserting the photo above into this blog post, my youngest daughter asked me what I was doing with a photo of the Co-op. I promise that I do, on occasion, buy other items in this shop and not just booze.

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  1. Brilliant…that campaign sounds right up my street! I am a bit keen on the use of #366daysofreality on instagram…check out my #shitbakes and #parentingfails there!

    I would probably have to go with my three year old telling me to not get cross with the baby because she’s only little…and making her smile immediately by giving her a toy, while I am sobbing with head in hands! Bad days can break the best of us 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  2. Love these! I forgot to put the brakes on the pram while on the bus and had to chase it down the aisle in front of all the other passengers – not my best moment. #coolmumclub

    1. Whoah! That’s a good one! Just wait until your baby is older and starts to let on to your so called secrets. With a 4 and 2 year old, pretty much nothing is sacred any more! X

  3. I once interviewed the boss of Coca Cola Enterprises with BB right next to me eating Smarties. I bought them because I figured they would keep her quiet for the longest as they take ages to pick up and eat!! #coolmumclub

    1. That is very impressive! I was holding my breath whilst on the phone to a MD of a local business whilst the 2 year old was watching TV so hats off to you! Did the smarties last long enough I wonder?! X

  4. I sense a real theme that the fun doesn’t really being until the little ones start talking, which means all my golden moments are still ahead of me, haha! Thanks for sharing these, I had a little chuckle 🙂

  5. Great blog post! Think I can relate to almost all of them! I’m a mum and also a stressed out student at the moment so I’m relating to the “wine in a mug” comment at the moment lol! If only we could get away with it!

    I’m blogging about all my #RealMumMoments just now, talking about being a mum while studying, feel free to have a wee nosey, I’m sure all is mums can relate in some way!


  6. #realmummoments sounds like a great tag. I might join in.
    Those 5 you’ve mentioned are memorable. I have several too, including my son at the age of three setting the breakfast table with a wine glass for me and a beer glass for my husband.

  7. Wine in a tea cup you say? *stares at you in wide eyed awe* Genius!! Give that lady a star. The answer to the “is that wine in your cup” question is of course: “No sweetheart – it’s just grape juice”.

    Brilliant post. Happy Mother’s Day xx

  8. Oh my gosh, these are priceless! Don’t worry, wine is a major theme on my blog as well! When is Mother’s Day for you guys? In America, it is the 2nd Sunday in May. Thanks for sharing on #justanotherlinky ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants

  9. 5 seems to be a safe number to stop at😂 I’m sure we could all fill reams and reams of paper with tales of the realities of motherhood. These are great! #fartglitter

  10. Haha! brilliant. Yes, I can totally get that and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wine in a tea cup! 😉

  11. My kids ask if they can drink their juice out of mummy’s “juice” glasses. And yesterday I asked my 4 year old to go get me a drink from the fridge in the garage and she brought me back a beer ….guess I needed to specify a water. Lol #fartglitter

  12. It’s ok – you are amongst friends – you don’t have to pretend with us 😉 we ALL buy nothing but wine at the co-op. Do they seven sell anything else!?
    x Alice

  13. Ha ha, these are great. Mother could definitely relate to the wine in a teacup one…and I am very aware of her favourite choices of wine 😉 #chucklemums

  14. Love the idea of real Mum moments! I had one this week while sorting out my handbag I found a whole underbelly of detritus in there which consisted of my daughters swimming goggles, a half packet of fruit strings, twelve squidgy raisins, a Zelf and most of a forgotten party bag! Feel like my handbag’s my own again now!! x ps teacup of wine- inspired!

    1. Hah! Who knows when goggles and squidgy raisins might come in handy? I too could do with clearing out my handbag. I hate to think what is lurking at the bottom of it! X

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