The Benefits of a Last Minute Getaway

The girls and I have just come back from a last minute break. It wasn’t planned and we never intended to go mainly because my husband couldn’t take the time off work. We’re lucky in that my parents own a flat down in Devon and this was due to be empty in the May half term. As the school holiday got nearer, I considered taking the girls on my own.

The thought of the 5 hour journey alone with just the kids put me off, so I asked my mother-in-law. She said yes, and suddenly we were all set to go.

As the day to travel drew nearer I questioned whether it would was going to be a good idea. I would miss having the usual back up support of my husband. Would the girls play me up? Would I manage to remain on talking terms with my mother-in-law for 5 days? Would we all end up killing each other?

And whilst we all missed Daddy, everything else seemed to work in our favour. There were no major hold ups on either the journey down there or home. The weather was glorious which meant we spent most of the time outside and usually on or near to a beach. And because the weather was so good, we weren’t trapped inside getting on each others nerves.

There were the usual, expected downsides of going on holiday with a family: the sibling squabbles, the refusal to go to bed because it felt different, the tiredness tantrums mostly relating to sand…..

I’m not usually one to act so impulsively, I will weigh up decisions and procrastinate about things a lot. But the benefits of going away last minute:

  1. A change is as good as a rest so they say. Getting a change of scenery from the usual humdrum definitely did us all some good.
  2. Going away suddenly is an unexpected bonus and we valued it; doing something different every day.
  3. Having (relatively) new places to explore and go to suddenly opened up countless things to do. The alternative would be to stay at home and explore the usual options of parks, garden and soft play.
  4. The separation from my husband made us all miss and appreciate each other a lot more. He texted me to say several times that it was quiet and weird without us all at home!
  5. It’s good to be impulsive! It’s good to get away from the routine, to shake things up a bit and forget about the ironing and chores. I came home thinking that I’d made the right decision, we’d all had a brilliant time.

Here’s to being impulsive, I might try and do it more often!




3 thoughts on “The Benefits of a Last Minute Getaway

  1. I love a last minute getaway and they are often the best as not too much expectation and a nice element of surprise…it’s also when we have had our best bargains! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this – hope you get to do it more often! xoxo

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