Things to Love and Hate About The Half Term Holiday

We are in the final stretch of the penultimate term at our first year at “Big School”. Next week is the half term holiday and boy do we all need it. I always notice that the kids  begin to feel worn out in the last week of term and I start looking forward to having some time away from the school and pre-school too. But then I remember that there are some downsides that go with the school holidays.


Here’s the things I love and hate about half term holidays:

Love – Spending Time with The Kids. Yes, in theory, I have this romantic image in my head about spending some quality time with my children, especially Alice who is now at school all day. Perhaps we will do some baking, arts and crafts or playing outside in the sunshine. The reality doesn’t normally work out like that………

Hate – I usually get to about Wednesday and realise that the kids are either going to kill each other with their arguments or I’m going to end up killing one of them with my patience left in shreds. I never seem to be organised enough to remember to get ALL of the basic ingredients in to make cakes, I’m terrible at arts and crafts and it will probably rain.

Arts and Crafts Eva
Here’s what happened the last time we attempted arts and crafts

Love – Not having to do the school and pre-school run! I am so looking forward to having a break from the dreaded school run. I hate having to negotiate the traffic and the parking on a normal school day and then have to walk littlest one down to the pre-school before I can even sit down and attempt to some work.

Hate – The fact that every other kid in the country will be off at the same time so suddenly everywhere is busy beyond belief full of shouting, screaming kids. No matter where you go whether it be the park, soft play, cafe, shops, zoo or museum you are guaranteed to find another 200 families with 200 kids plus running riot. Pre-school mums take note: Enjoy doing these things in term time for as long as you can. Because school holidays anywhere in public can often be hell.

Playing in the park
Be prepared to share the park / cafe / shops / museum with every other child on half term holiday.

Love – Lazy mornings! I can’t wait to have a bit of time in the morning where I’m not screaming my head off at my kids to “Get your clothes on!” or “Brush your teeth!” or “Get your shoes on!” for the twentieth time. You would think that having done this school routine thing for the past 9 months that they would understand the drill. They should now understand that we need to be out of the door at 8.20am every day. And yet every single morning I swear to God, despite being up about 6am, I end up blowing a gasket as I try and get them ready and out the door. They want to play. They want to do colouring. They don’t want to put their clothes on. They spend ages deciding which socks to wear. They want something else to eat. They dither over how to have their hair. They need a poo. Their shoes don’t “feel right.” They need something to drink. Their socks are “wonky.” The list of reasons for why we never manage to get out the door on time is exhausting. I can’t wait to not have this battle next week and for us all to chill out and to stay in our PJs just a bit longer.

Looking forward to not having to shout and scream to get everyone dressed on time!

Hate – No childcare. I work as a freelance marketing copywriter. I juggle working around the school and pre-school hours and sometimes in the evenings too. It can be hard work if I’m busy, but I love the flexibility it gives me with the children. The big downside is not having much childcare during the school holidays. It means even more juggling or more late nights.

Ultimately, I’m on the side of the fence where I love school holidays. I am looking forward to relaxing and spending some time together. Whilst they might fight, Alice and Eva generally do tend to get on really well together and it’s lovely to watch them now that they’re both a bit older playing together in their own little imaginary worlds.

We already have most of our days planned with seeing friends or family, but I’m determined that we will be doing it all at a leisurely pace. I don’t want any pressure to be out of the house at a particular time and I want to make sure that we have time to do the things in and around the house that the kids want to do. (Colouring and spending however long they like choosing their socks).

Do you love the school holidays? Have you got lots of things planned or are you dreading it? Let me know in the comments below.



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32 thoughts on “Things to Love and Hate About The Half Term Holiday

  1. I’m still at that lovely no school place with my little one, so for me my loves and hates are very simple. Love that I can leave my house in the morning without having to negotiate all the cars parked outside the local school. Hate that our normal activities are all super busy! I’ll admit I’m not looking forward to my boy starting school but I’ve got a bit of time yet, he’s only 2 after all. Xx

  2. My boy is still only 2 so I hate the school holidays. Our usual hangouts (park/soft play/swimming) are all really busy and all the toddler groups finish over the holidays too. I hope you enjoy not having to do the school run and spending time with your girls zz #KCACOLS

  3. Generally I enjoy the holidays. The only thing that does bother me is, like you say, how busy everything gets during half-term. We would go out more, but the crowds can be a pain.

  4. I dread them! The summer holidays are really long at my boys school and I am not looking forward to all the entertaining I’ll be doing!! Thank you for linking up with #KCACOLS and hope to see you next week!

  5. PS when you hit tweet this on your page it says via rather than @teaorwine – I’m sure there’s a way to change this so you are credited! I changed it on the one I just did for the linky xxx

  6. I’m like you, I really look forward to the school holidays and then by the end of the first week I remember it’s not the romantic image I have always created in my head. And why does it always rain as soon as the schools break-up? It is due to rain tomorrow!!!! Argh #bigpinklink

  7. Completely with you and this weather is not helping one bit!! It’s like going away with the kids … the idea is always better than the reality. Soft play hell, here we come! #bigpinklink

  8. I love the school holidays because we all get to sleep in and there is no mad rush for the school drop off. I really miss those lazy days when we just get to chill in each other’s company as I am now working full time and my kids are so much older now. I usually try to schedule as many activities or catch ups but I have realised that some of our best memories are spent doing nothing – taking a walk round the neighbourhood and just having one of our long chats. That’s what school holidays are for us – making memories. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  9. We’ve had a very low key half term which has included baking, watching Frozen, going to an arts and crafts group and an early morning trip to the park. I can’t bear the idea of going to soft play or anywhere like that in the middle of the day, battling the crowds with 2 kids in tow! x #KCACOLS

  10. Half term can be hard work, especially when the weather is as bad as it has been this week! I have nearly thrown mine out of the window about forty times by ten o’clock each morning… My son is not made for chilling out!
    x Alice

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