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I’ve recently read a few posts about bloggers feeling down and fed up about their stats not increasing. I had a week like this as well where I questioned what I was doing and why my stats were staying flat.

I think it’s a common theme amongst bloggers, with many having feelings like this. So I thought I’d list the reasons to blog beyond the stats. Why you should keep going even if no one (or few people) are reading:

  • Better Writing – By blogging frequently, you are honing your writing skills and becoming a better writer. All serious writers (my mum is an author!) say that you need to write on a regular basis to keep your skills fine-tuned.
  • Keeps Your Brain Active – Blogging and writing regularly keeps your brain active and improves your creativity. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the look- out for new topics and subjects to write about. It makes you look at things differently. I’m always thinking about different angles and how different news items or the things my kids say might be used for a blog article.
  • It’s Cathartic – If something’s on your mind or bothering you, it can be very cathartic to write it down and get it all out! I wrote this piece when I was having a bad week and I know of several other bloggers who write about very emotional topics which seem to help with their healing process.  
  • Meeting & Networking – Blogging involves a lot of reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. This leads to networking and even friendships that you wouldn’t have necessarily made. Networking can in turn lead to : 
  • Opportunities – Blogging can create opportunities. It can open doors to possibilities that range from reviewing products or the chance to speak to some of your favourite brands about writing for them. I started my blog as a way to showcase my writing style and skills to potential freelancing clients.
  • Read More – Through the blogging community you read more. I’ve read so many interesting and different blogs. Reading more is not only a good thing but you tend to read and consume faster. Reading widely can lead to more ideas for your own posts. I’ve written a couple of blogs after reading other people’s posts that have inspired me to write my own take on a subject. 
  • Developing Your Style – By reading other people’s blogs and writing your own posts regularly you are developing your own style and your own voice. I’ve read some very funny and sarcastic blogs, others which are chatty and informal and others which are serious and informative or advice driven.


I’m sure there are other benefits that could be added to this list. The point is, that there are plenty of reasons and advantages to blogging which we should all take time to remember  when we get a bit bogged down and focused only on the number of people reading our work!

If you can add to this list of reasons, do let me know in the comments below!




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  1. Yes…but then things get complicated. Your blog stats are one set of stats, but what if you vlog as well? I’ve got a few thousand views of my YouTube channel but they aren’t on my blog stats. And then of course I put videos on my blog’s Facebook page, and these are also not on my blog stats. And is you post content on LinkedIn Pulse, yes, you guessed it, it won’t show up on your blog stats. Stats are important, but the importance can be overstated. #MMWBH

  2. Excellent excellent excellent! I find that some weeks you obsess over why a post isn’t getting read and then another week another one is – … it’s all about honing your skills and finding your market … I’m struggling a little as not many mummy bloggers out there with teenage children so they don’t always click to read something about teens – i need to find my audience or adapt my posts to be a little generic – always learning! #bloggerclubUK

    1. Yes I agree it’s all about finding your niche, but that itself can be hard as so many of us seem to be in similar situations (parents with younger kids). I would have thought teenage kids would be a good niche! It is tricky and you’re right, a learning curve. X

  3. Blogging isn’t just about the stats or being top of your blogging niche, keep writing good content, share on social media and do a bit of SEO so people can find you on search engines. #madmidweek

  4. Whilst I think the stats are important, they’re not the be all and end all. Writing good content, making friends, finding new blogs to read, getting better at blogging, mastering flat-lays and having a good time … That to me is the real deal. 🙂 Another wonderful post. 🙂

  5. This really resonates with me. I have days when I’m frustrated blog stats aren’t moving, but it’s more frustration at not understanding the process of how to grow a readership, if you see what I mean. And my post about feeling frustrated has had THE most engagement of any post I have written since starting my blog 5 months ago. Ha.
    Obviously only blogging to chase numbers will suck all the life and enjoyment out of it.

    1. Yes I do see what you mean! It’s definitely all a learning curve. Keep plodding away and I guess writing more of what is working with your readers. Thanks for reading. X

  6. There are so many different variables that can change your stats from month to month. All it takes is one or two posts to really take off to cause a spike. Unfortunately its almost impossible to know when or witch posts these will be until it happens

  7. Great list, I blog for all these things and they make me very happy. I like to remember why I started blogging too…to take myself back to that moment and get that inspiration back again as well as see how it’s changed #bloggerclubuk

  8. Good list. It is good to be reminded of these benefits beyond stats as they can really get you down sometimes. You are right there lots of benefits to blogging.

  9. Hi Cheryl, excellent points. It is easy to get obsessed with stats , but there is so much benefit to be had from blogging that the stats are really quite irrelevant in comparison. I have certainly noticed that I think differently since starting to blog, sometimes I see something or have a thought and the next minute my mind is off drafting a post in my head almost without permission!

    I love the feel good factor that comes from connecting with people I have never met, but still get on with. At home no one really understands what blogging is about, but online there are plenty of like minded people giving each other support.


    1. Thanks Debs. I agree that blogging does give you a new way of thinking about things and yes it’s lovely to “meet” and connect with some like-minded people! X

  10. I frequently check my stats although they very rarely vary, it’s just become habit. I often get low visitor numbers but high views from those few visitors going through it post by post. I like that especially as I can see the posts they are looking at and be reassured that someone who needs help has found what they are looking for even if they leave no comment.

    Another reason I check my stats is to see the World map light up!

    I agree the more you read the more you are inspired to do your own take or counterpoint or just offer friendly advice for newbies.


  11. Always good to be reminded that there are reasons for blogging that go beyond the stats. For me, developing my writing is key, and also-although I never thought it would happen-recently I have formed online friendships with other bloggers too, which is lovely. #BloggerClubUK

  12. Hear! Hear! In fact, if these aren’t the primary reasons instead of the stats, I don’t see how a blogger can last in the long run (but I’m new, so what do I know?). I love this post and the points of satisfaction and development that you point out. #BrilliantBlogPosts

  13. I enjoyed reading this and positive reading. I agree with all the points especially keep regularly doing it keeps your brain firing constantly. I find if keep writing random ideas materlise because you are consciously aware of it. X #brilliantblogposts

  14. Great post lovely! I tend to find a lot of bloggers stress about stats, myself included. I have now given myself a target that is achievable anything above that is a lovely little bonus! There are so many other things that blogging gives you, I try to remember why I started when I get too stressed over page views or Facebook likes! #bloggerclubuk xx

  15. I agree with every point you’ve made. Blogging isn’t just about the stats and wondering what other people think of your writing etc. I do it because I enjoy writing and sharing my life online so that one day my children can read it too. I agree it has benefits and the opportunities it’s given me and my family have been wonderful and I hope they continue! Fab post #TheList

  16. A great post in which you make some really valid points. I try not to worry about my stats, i’m just pleased that they are continuing to grow! I think writing everyday has made a massive difference to helping me improve my writing and become more confident. I have also started to think about SEO 🙂 x #thelist

  17. Thanks for sharing a great post! As a new blogger, I haven’t really looked too much as I’ve just got my confidence back with my writing and I am blogging to get my creative juices flowing again, share my experiences and have something fun to show my daughter when she’s a bit older! Its got me thinking though…where do I look? #TheList

    1. That’s great and similar reasons for why I started blogging about a year ago. Are you using WordPress to blog? It’s quite easy to see your page views / visitor numbers on the dashboard.

      1. I had it set up but didn’t blog for a while, now I’m loving it! I’ve checked my stats and I don’t know if it’s high or low but I’m pleased with it! Plus I now have almost 700 followers on Twitter, feeling the love X and yes I’m on WordPress x

  18. We all go through this at some point, so you’re in good company! The important thing is to remember why you started blogging in the first place. Sometimes improving your stats are a means to an end such as generating income from your blog but they’re rarely the be-all and end-all. I have the somewhat odd combination of abysmal blog stats and a relatively high Tots ranking because I don’t worry about writing for a mass audience but for whatever niche of people it is who enjoy what I do – quality of engagement over quantity of visits. Despite the odd wobble where I berate myself as a failure for having such pathetic stats, I’m basically happy with what I do – because I’ve always blogged for the joy of writing rather than for the joy of seeing a number get bigger.

    1. I agree that quality of engagement is very important and so if you’ve got a niche of avid readers that’s great and in some ways better than the stats. I also agree that it’s more about the joy of writing.

  19. Stats are important to me but not the most important thing. I blog because I love writing and hopefully my stats continue to reflect that but we all fluctuate sometimes. I try not to get too focussed on it and just enjoy writing 🙂 #TheList

  20. These are some great tips, and the total truth! I’ve found that my stats are the worst in the weeks where I completely obsess over them. I also find that my content and audience engagement suffers in the weeks where I’m totally focused on my stats. Yes, they’re important, and they’re something to think about. But, oftentimes I write for the joy of writing.
    Thanks for the awesome reminder <3

    1. I know what you mean, if I sometimes write a post based on what I think makes good stats it’s never as good as something I’ve written from the heart! Thanks for reading. X

  21. I can relate to this at the moment! My blog is just over 12 months and all of a sudden it seems to get getting read, and now Im obsessed with rankings, views, DA you name it I stress about it. And I know it is not healthy or the reason I started. I am hoping that once I am on mat leave I will become less obsessed as I have more time to write and remind myself about why I started it in the first place to record our little family life. Thank you for reminding me 🙂 this is a great post which I will be pinning as I know I will need another nudge again at some point. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK xx

  22. I think you’re right, it’s so easy to get bogged down with thoughts about stats. That can lead to bloggers block and wondering why on earth you bother! You’ve written some great points and I totally agree with them. I love writing and although sometimes I get bogged down in the numbers game I always come back to the writing! 🙂

  23. Great post, I have been blogging for a while now, well over a year, and my stats are pretty low compared to some, but on days that it bothers me I remember the reasons I am blogging, and its simply for me, a chance to write, something I love to do, a chance to store all of these memories and a chance to hopefully become successful at it in the process. #thelist

    1. I think comparing ourselves to other successful bloggers is as much a hazard as obsessing over stats and something we are all guilty of! We need to keep remembering the other reasons we started. Thanks for reading.

  24. I love blogging and these are some great reasons for doing so! It’s also a great way to document milestones in your life, or family life if you have one. I also love to share my travels on my blog as I think it’s a great way to showocase favourite pictures and places! Plus I enjoy blogging, I love the community, it’s jolly good fun! #bigpinklink

  25. Great post as I worry about my own low stats. I definitely agree about keeping your brain active & being catheric. Nice to be reminded of these things. #bigpinklink Lifeinthemumslane

  26. Fab post – I worry about this too but I agree about writing regularly, the more I write the easier it seems to flow. Lovely post to remind me to keep going! Read other people blogs and networking with other bloggers is a great thing and as you say can potentially lead to new opportunities x #bigpinklink

  27. I think we are all guilty at looking at stats too much. As a statistician it’s really hard not to, and to see downward trends emerging and going Uh Oh!

    But at the end of the day, blogging for me is more than reader numbers. It’s about catharsis, it’s about therapy, it’s about having something to look back on. And engaging with other bloggers which is pretty cool too!


  28. A great list and I agree with them all especially the networking, I have made some lovely friendships through this and being cathartic! I love that it is a record of my life with y family and like looking at it as a way of capturing memories, happy, sad, funny, crazy ad downright normal too.

  29. Stats can be pretty intimidating! Personally I am a bit of a stats geek and I enjoy analysing my stats. Having said that, I write primarily for me, and if I enjoy writing on a certain topic, I still do so even if it’s not as popular as other things
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    1. Yes Debbie I think that’s key; you have to write what you enjoy otherwise what’s the point. I like to think that if you write from the heart then the stats should increase. Thanks for hosting. X

  30. I used to check my stats all the time and I got a bit obsessed, now I check them properly once a week if that. As long as some people are reading and commenting then I’m happy. The only time I get stressed out about low stats is when brands have contacted me for work and asked for them, I get worried then that they are not good enough. This is a great lost of reasons to why blogging is about so much than just the stats xx #anythinggoes

    1. I agree Wendy that I’m (mostly) happy as long as I see that some people are reading and commenting. I’ve not really had that rather nice problem yet of being quizzed by brands…. Maybe sometime in the future?! Thanks for reading. X

  31. Very well put!! I remember getting really frustrated when I was just starting out, wondering why I wasn’t being seen, erm, talk about a needle in a haystack! 😀 I just kept writing and posting, working on my twitter following, discovered instagram, met loads and loads of awesome people, tackled self hosting, then the #bigpinklink was born, it was all just a natural progression and I don’t think it would have happened if I’d got bogged, (or blogged maybe!), down with stats and low views. I have to keep reminding myself of this when I start getting excited about the next Moz update and thinking about my DA too much. #getagrip Do it because you love it I say! Thanks for linking up with us! #bigpinklink

    1. Thank you, that’s quite inspirational to hear you say that and especially that it all developed from keeping on writing! I still very much like a newbie and so can relate to a lot of the points you mention. I’m procrastinating a lot about self hosting right now. I had to Google what DA means after a few people on here mentioned it, so I’ve got a way to go! Thanks for hosting and reading. X

  32. It’s all too easy to get hung up on the stats I think, and your list here is pretty comprehensive. I do try very hard to just enjoy it for what it is and only have the odd peak at my pageviews and referrals once a week. I do find referrals fascinating though… just off for a peak 😉

  33. I work in marketing as my full time job but I spend most of my time looking at numbers and stats so I find blogging is great for letting my creative side flow. I also learn lots of new skills blogging that I can apply to the SEO side of my job. I love that it compliments it well.

    Sally @ Life Loving

    1. Thanks Sally that’s funny because in a previous life I was an online marketing manager and I can see so many similarities with the blogging world relating to SEO and analytics etc. Thanks for reading. X

  34. This is a great post, I try not to look at my stats too much as they are pretty low, but have been increasing this week – I think because I’ve been posting daily and promoting on Linkys. I really enjoy reading other posts, commenting and speaking to other bloggers on Twitter, it makes me feel that I’m using my brain and doing something worthwhile on my maternity leave. Claire x #bigpinklink

  35. While I keep on eye on my stats as this is my job, as John says stats are not just about your blog but also your social media reach and a lot is shared natively too. The priority and marker for me is whether I would want to read what I write and post. I wrote a piece on how I define success too and it was all about what makes me happy: x

  36. Very well said..and gave out very good reasons.. It true that we should writ for ourselves. No doubt when followers or likes notification pop out they make us happy and appreciated for our work.. But at the same time we shouldn’t foreigner what the purpose was initially to start the blog..
    And admire that you reply to all the comments.. Hope to hear from you soon..😄

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