What’s The Point? Losing My Mojo


I’m having a low week. I’ve had a few things that have brought me down a bit and as a result, I know seem to be finding the other things; the things I normally do without question, a bit of an effort. Because I’m feeling low, I can’t be bothered to do anything. I’ve lost my Mo-Jo and I seem to keep asking myself “What’s the Point?” a fair bit this week.

  • Funeral. I knew that my Nan’s funeral on Tuesday would be tough. I was reading a tribute to her and so I was really nervous about it beforehand. I wanted to do a good job for her and for my family. I’d been so focused on getting through doing the speech that it wasn’t until it was all over, later on that day that the sadness of losing and missing my Nan really hit me. I’ve felt a bit weird since then.
  • Freelancing Work. My self-confidence has taken a bit of a knock with my freelancing work these last couple of weeks. I’ve had a few different issues going on that has set me back. I seem to have put in a lot of work and effort for several different prospective clients recently, and it all appears to have been for nothing. I know that this is part of what being a freelancer is all about, and perhaps normally I’d take it all in my stride, but I’ve struggled with it this week and really questioned whether I should bother to keep going with it at all.
  • Blogging. I mostly really enjoy blogging. I like the process of writing and sharing it with others. I enjoy meeting other bloggers and reading other people’s blogs. But sometimes, like this week, I’ve really started to wonder “What’s the Point?” My stats are staying relatively flat, and I’m not really sure where I’m going with it in the long term. Should I even bother to keep going with it all? Blogging takes a lot of time and effort and I’ve found it hard to keep the momentum going this week. I’ve really been questioning whether it’s all worth it this week.
  • Mum. My mum’s got to go through some horrible tests at the hospital at the end of this week and I suppose no matter how much she tells me not to worry, I do!


I’m reading this back and realise that I sound like an incredibly miserable, grumpy old cow. I promise, I’m not normally wallowing quite so much in my own issues!

I realise that there are definitely far worse problems out there than these, but I think sometimes when one issue gets you down, any other little problem that you might normally deal with, suddenly seems to magnify so that you think you can’t handle it. All of a sudden, it becomes harder to buck yourself up and keep going.

I seem to have asked myself “What’s The Point?” many times this week.  But I’m not going to do anything drastic, I’m going to have to accept that this week is a bit of write off and I’ll make a huge effort to get back on track next week.

Does anyone else have weeks like this? Any suggestions to help get you through would be gratefully received!



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  1. I think you’re right, when one thing gets you down it can make all those little problems 10 times worse and so much harder to overcome. It’s almost better to just accept days/weeks like that are a write-off – as you have… Have a break, do something nice, and pick yourself back up next week!! And please keep going – your blogs always make me laugh, and/or nod with agreement!

  2. Agree with Pippa. Your blogs make lots of people laugh and smile. Even when we don’t comment. I think sometimes we have low moments and it’s hard to see past them. This too shall pass. Take some time off of the things you don’t to do and give yourself a break. It’s been a tough week. Your mojo will be back with a vengeance in no time. xx

  3. And I’m agreeing with the previous two comments. I’ve been feeling a bit like that too, with so many sad and horrible things happening recently. But the sun is shining, spring is on its way, holidays and nice things to look forward to. As the other two have said, just take a break from it all and have some R&R for a while, but please don’t give up!! Your blog posts are wonderful, and yes, freelancing is definitely all about highs and lows, especially in writing. I got so many rejections earlier in my career, I decided it should just be a hobby – to protect my own self confidence. Then I found out that the rejections are normal so I persisted, but not without some terribly demoralising setbacks at every stage. You’ll soon get your Mojo back and meanwhile just play with the kids, eat yummy things, go for walks in the sunshine or watch rubbish TV. When you’re ready to try again, sock it to ’em! x x x

  4. Sounds like you are having a bit of a tough time. I can be so hard to remain positive sometimes, especially when a series of things seem to knock you back. Hang on in there and I hope that you are feeling more like yourself soon. Big hugs. #thelist

  5. Ah hon you are in a funk! Be kind to yourself and your mojo will return (or go on a one day yoga retreat), I get like this all the time especially about freelance work and blogging. It is tough having to be a self motivator but I have faith in you!! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub hon xx

    1. Thank you, it’s good to know I’m not alone. You’re right it’s hard to self motivate at the best of times let alone after a week like this! Thanks for hosting (and reading my whinges!) xx

  6. Oh no! Wish I could give you a huge hug, slice of cake and a cuppa. I think everyone has weeks like this, I know I do, and I don’t think you’d be human if you didn’t feel like chucking it all in now and again. I tend to overthink things and worry and when I get into that kind of state I find the best thing is to take a step back from everything until the feeling passes. Can you take some time off? Or just a day? And having only just found your blog, I really enjoy it so please keep it up!

    1. Oh thank you that makes me feel better! 🙂 I definitely am one for over thinking so yes you’re right, best to take a step back. Thanks so much for reading and for the offer of hugs, cake and tea! Xx

  7. Hi I’ve changed jobs recently and gone to a school where the intensity Is far more than Incould ever have imagined and guess since Instarted I have been running on adrenalin. I came down with a bug and felt the same, like I’ve lost my mojo. Thing is working/being a mum and everything that comes with it does take it out of you. I just know at some point I’ll snap out of it. You will too.

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