6 Reasons To Love Paris (& 3 to Not)


The Husband and I have just got back from Paris, we all survived. We didn’t die and leave the kids orphans. Everyone coped at home although typically our youngest was sick all of the first night, throwing up in every single bed. We were oblivious, enjoying 3 nights; our longest break away from the kids ever, having a fantastic time!

It felt brilliant to have some real time away from the kids. To talk and walk at an adult pace and spend time together being someone other than “Mummy” for just 3 days. It also really made me appreciate the kids more coming home after a break.

Here’s why I love Paris:

1) Café Culture


No matter that it was absolutely freezing cold, the Parisians insist on sitting outside, cosy beneath heaters to drink their coffee or wine and watch the world go by. I lost count of the number of pit stops we had over our weekend, but they were always a welcome break from trekking miles across the city. I love the fact that people in Paris seem to have time or MAKE time to stop and talk. I’ve done a lot of people watching this weekend and I can confirm that the Parisians spend hours and hours over lunch and dinner. They take their time to eat, drink and talk with their friends and family.

2) Language

Ahhh! There’s something so special about the French language, it’s so soft. I absolutely adore listening to French people gabbling away. I also enjoy TRYING to speak it. I’m nowhere near fluent, and I can just about get by, but I think the French really appreciate you having a go. The husband and I haven’t been to France for 3 years, but it’s amazing how, when surrounded by people speaking the language, words and phrases come back to you. Strange, odd words came back to us when we needed them like “hats” and “gloves”. I know my French leaves a lot to be desired, but I enjoyed trying to speak it and it felt a real shame when we got home thinking that we wouldn’t be speaking it again for a long time.

3) Close By

My husband is not a fan of flying and so this is the reason we’ve been to Paris 4 times together. Getting the Eurostar is such a pleasant and relaxing way to travel. It took us 2 hours and 40 minutes to get from London to Paris. Strange to think it could take me that time to get to Manchester and yet the difference in culture is immense. Strange also to think that it took us nearly the same amount of time to get home from London to Essex on a Sunday with the rail replacement bus service!

4) Fantastic Food and Drink


The French love taking their time over their food and I can understand why, it’s amazing! For breakfast, lunch and dinner all of our meals were outstanding. On our last night, we stumbled across an old authentic French restaurant that hasn’t really changed since it was first opened in 1845 (photo above). They prided themselves on this and so the toilet was the old fashioned type (hole in the ground job), they didn’t accept credit or debit cards (the husband had to run out for cash) and the décor was pretty simple (red and white check table cloths). We were the only customers that weren’t French. The food was unpretentious and fantastic.

I love red wine but I tend to drink Riojca or Malbec, I’ve never really drink much French wine. But when in Paris, I drank Bordeaux and it was very good. Perhaps the French wine I’ve previously had was the cheaper stuff?!

5) Love

I’m not sure whether it’s down to all that red wine, lots of good food or just because they’re a happy bunch, but the Parisians all seemed to be in love. Most of the couples I saw whether on their own or with kids were constantly draped all over each other. I guess it’s infectious because it made The Husband and I feel a little bit romantic.

6) Artists


Paris always has and still does seem to attract the real artist types. From painters, writers, musicians and dancers, there still seems to be this attraction to the arts which adds to the romance of the city.

Here’s a Few Minor Qualms about What I Dislike About Paris:

 1) Smoking

It’s really noticeable coming from the UK where not many people smoke now. In Paris everyone is at it. Young and old and I think this is why so many people sit outside so that they can chuff away. I used to smoke socially when I was younger but the thought of it now makes me feel sick. I was a bit annoyed with The Husband who caved in on the last day and bought a packet of cigarettes to join in.

2) Expensive

We’ve known this since our first time in Paris that it’s very expensive. A beer can cost the equivalent of £16. We naively said “yes” when asked if we wanted water with our breakfast one morning and was charged 11 Euros (about £8.50) for the priviledge! I’d love to have stayed longer in Paris, but I think we would have to re-mortgage the house.

3) No Tea

Again, this is another fact that I’m well aware of in France. They are NOT tea drinkers. As a complete addict, I found it hard, especially in the mornings not to have a cuppa to get me going. Despite asking for “The au lait” I always managed to get an odd assortment of herbal tea or hot milk or both. I guess Parisians love coffee and this is one thing we have to differ on.

On balance, I think the good definitely outweighs the bad. I love red wine, the café culture, the food and the language. I think I could have been born a Parisian.

“Could we live here?” I asked the husband. “Could we move here?”

“Not at these prices,” he grumbled.

Ultimately, I love Paris and I’m sure we’ll be back again.



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0 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Love Paris (& 3 to Not)

  1. I am glad you had a good time. I have only been with the school and spent the four days being bullied. Maybe I should visit again to get some good memories of the place.

    Great photos.

  2. How lovely to have a grown-up break. We went a few years back similar time but with our daughter but a fab time to go. I’m liking the blue sky I am seeing in your pictures. I’m smiling at your comment about everyone being in love. You are right, they do seem to be don’t they! Glad to hear you followed so with the sprinkling of romance! #abitofeverything

    1. We were lucky because despite the forecast we had no rain, just very cold and bright. They seem much less stressed than us Brits. Must be the wine and food! Thanks for reading. X

  3. I love Paris and we might be going back in a few weeks. I’m debating whether to take one of our boys with us and leave the youngest, but the husband wants to go on our own. I love the café culture too and the art. One thing I remember not liking (on top of what you say) is that there is a lot of dog poop on the pavements! Lovely post xx #brilliantblogposts

    1. Oh how funny because I so very nearly included dog poo on the pavements into this post!! Why is it so acceptable?! Hope you get to do go back and enjoy (I’d be tempted to go sans kids!) xx

  4. I loved Paris. In my trip *I* I had fallen sick and sent my husband (my then boyfriend) to see the Eiffel Tower alone…but the best part was the walk on the streets that evening… a little rain, romantic cafes and awesome crepes:) I wont forget that memory! Pls do share at the Practical Mondays Link Up too!:)

  5. Ah Paris, a city I have been connected to since birth. I used to spend quite a bit of time out there. I love the place. I would implore you to get into French wine. France doesn’t lead the world in much, but in viniculture it reigns supreme. #BrilliantBlogPosts

  6. My husband was very distressed about the tea situation in Paris. He would take five minuts explaning what he wanted only to receive luke warm water with suspicious bag on the side. He now takes his own teabags with him. #coolmumclub

    1. Agree Rosie. I’d gladly go without for a while in order to go back. I’m sure it could be done cheaply too (saying no to water at breakfast for starters!) thanks for reading. X

  7. Oh they do have tea…amazing tea! There is a small boutique in a square – Dammann Tea – the store is an oasis of amazing, delicious, yummy smelling tea. My favorite tea I bought there. Sadly they don’t ship to the US as far as I have been able to find so I’m SOL 🙁

    You are right though, the cafes, food, and drink were my favorite parts of being in Paris. Absolute happiness.

  8. Hi Cheryl, it must have been lovely to have a break, just you and the Husband, but how typical that one of your children feel ill. I’ve only been to Paris a couple of times, but did enjoy the cafe culture. It is very similar here in Greece too, summer and winter the Greeks like to enjoy their coffee outside.

    That French restaurant you found must have had a lovely atmosphere about it and if it was busy with locals then it must be good.

    Hope it’s not too long before you manage another get away.


  9. Glad you had a nice time – Himself and I really need to plan a little getaway from the kids now they are old enough to be left with their Grandparents for a couple of days. Paris is beautiful but so expensive right??!!

  10. I have not been to Paris but it’s definitely on my list to visit. It’s the romance of the city – the language, the food, the culture, the people — love the pictures and glad you had a great time. I wish Paris was just a short hop away from me too! #abitofeverything

    1. Yes it’s great. I can see it’s much more of a trek for you, but worth it if you can get there (maybe combine with a trip to the UK too!) thanks for reading. X

  11. Aw I love Paris, though me and my husband have only been once together for one night when our eldest was four months old. Would love to go back now both kids are a bit older – I wanted to see everything and I don’t think I stopped to fully appreciate the slower pace of life such as the taking ages over lunch and dinner. I did however appreciate the wine and food 😉 #fartglitter

  12. Agree! I LOVE Paris but the thing I hate the most is the smoke!!! Why do so many French people smoke, and also feel the need to blow smoke EVERYWHERE!!!! #fartglitter

  13. I would absolutely love to go to Paris, it does seem like a beautifully romantic city! I’m glad you put such a positive spin on it, because I’ve heard Parisians can be quite rude, but thankfully you two haven’t seened to interpret that! I detest smoking, and I Love T, it’s really the only hot drink I have. So that would be a massive pain in the bum for me! Glad you both enjoyed yourselves 🙂 xxx #Abitofeverything

  14. Sounds lovely except for the prices. Spain was also very smokey. It bugged me horribly as I was either hating the smell or desperate to join in. Putting Paris on our bucket list anyway though 🙂


  15. Ah my old town. I was fortunate enough to live in Paris for six years… Best years and worst years of my life 🙂 I have a gorgeous painting hanging in my home which we brought from London to Malta, that my husband commissioned for me…the view from my old appartment living room window of Montmartre. So I still have Paris with me.
    #fartglitter #brilliantblogposts #coolmumclub #twinklytuesdays

  16. If you love Paris you should definitely come to Bordeaux, it’s like a mini-Paris. A large open city, beautiful architecture and as you’ve discovered, great wine! I’ve just started a Bordeaux-based food/drinks blog if you want to check it out for suggestions for when you’re here 🙂

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