Alexa – The New Girl in Our House

We have a new edition to our family and her name is Alexa.

You may have seen these things advertised on TV, essentially they are a voice activated robot, sold as a “personal assistant.”  Alexa can access and play your music, play the radio, give you news, weather and travel updates as well as answering questions about practically anything. Apparently she can even turn the lights on and off but we haven’t explored this option yet.

There are several different versions available from Amazon – we have the taller Echo Multimedia speaker.  The husband went out and bought Alexa after seeing it in action at his 75 year old’s uncle’s farm house. On command, this thing told us the weather, played us some nursery rhymes for the kids and gave us the answer to the square root of 362. I half expected it to get up and start doing the washing up. My husband, a gadget mad freak, literally had his tongue hanging out of his mouth panting for one of these little gizmos. So it was no real surprise that a parcel from Amazon turned up on our doorstep less than 5 days later.

Unlike my husband, I am NOT a gadget mad woman. In fact, technology scares me a bit. When everything is working and running to plan, I like it, but  the minute my phone / camera / laptop has an issue or stops working, I go into panic mode and wail for the husband to help. With the arrival of his new toy, my husband spent a pleasant few hours shut away in his man cave, hooking Alexa up to various things (thereby having the legitimate excuse of being unable to help with the trantruming children during bath time). When he finally emerged grinning broadly, it was apparent that Alexa was ready and willing to GO!

The Good Things About Alexa

1. She is hooked up to your music system – in our case Spotify and so can play all your music on command and the speaker is not only portable, but, I’m reliably informed, of excellent quality.

2. I can get up to date information like the news headlines or specific weather forecast to my exact location whenever I want it.

3. She can answer pretty much any question that you ask her. (“The sky is blue because the molecules of the atmosphere scatter more blue light than any other colours.”) This is handy when the children ask you various random questions about the state of the universe and you have no idea what to answer.

The Bad Things About Alexa

1. You feel like a bit of a tit speaking to a box. I’ve got used to this now, but in the beginning, I had to check if anyone was in the room before I dared to open my mouth.

2. The children cotton on to the concept quickly and are forever speaking to her. There is a lock button function so that she won’t respond, but my eldest daughter has inevitably worked out how to unlock it and so we have constant demands from the kids like,  “Alexa, play Robbie Williams I Love My Life.”  “Alexa, volume up.” Or asking random questions like  – “Alexa, where do you live?” (Answer – “in the cloud” Of course!).

3. This sounds bizarre, but she only seems to respond to me when I say “Please”. I’ve tried asking her several times to “Play Radio 2.” But she’ll only do it if I insert a please in there at the beginning or end of the request. Cue me getting frustrated with a robot that has the ability to make me feel like I’m six years old again being told off for not saying my please and thank yous.

4. The music played on Alexa is shared with the main Spotify account holder, (husband’s), it was unnerving when he came home from work and said “Oh I see you’ve been listening to Buffalo Stance and Shake it Off today.” Whaaat? My immediate reaction was that he was somehow spying on me via this damned thing and I didn’t like it.

To be honest, I see Alexa as a gimmick. Yes she has her uses, but I never would have paid out to have her in the house with her slightly intimidating, know it all, voice that insists I speak to her with my best manners!  At the risk of sounding like a very old person (yes I appreciate I pretty much am already there), where will it end? I find it slightly terrifying what the Alexa Mark 3 model might achieve in just a few years’ time.  Will things have progressed so that Alexa will be able to put the kids to bed and pour me a large G&T?

On second thoughts, that doesn’t sound too bad at all……

Do you own an Alexa? What do you think?! Are you a fan of technology or a bit of a dinosaur like me? I’d love to hear your views.

25 thoughts on “Alexa – The New Girl in Our House

  1. It would be a mixture of scary, amusing, and amazing for me if I have Alexa. 😀

    I find the ‘please’ part funny. But like you, I will not buy something like Alexa. It will always be about purpose for me.

  2. I’m intrigued by Alexa. From your post, the main positive is being able to answer the continuous “Why?” questions I get a million times a day from my three year old. He can say Why to Alexa instead of me. #KCACOLS

  3. If you’d use it, I can see it being a great thing. We talked about getting one but thought we wouldn’t use it enough and we didn’t really want another gadget. And like other commentators, I think the cat would slay it!

  4. I refuse to use the voice thingy on my phone (see I’m too old to even know what it is) never mind using Alexa. My daughter said her uncle has one and has it connected to the lights. But I’m not too sure about it personally, plus my daughter would have a field day with my spotify account on this thing. Little mix forever! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time
    Tracey Bowden recently posted…The Secrets of Saltlake: Let The Battle CommenceMy Profile

    1. It’s much better than Siri or whatever that thing is on your phone. But yes, agree it’s dangerous with the kids in control!!

  5. I am all for gadgets and do pay loads for the latest stuff, but I am not sold on Alexa. I do use Siri on my phone, but I get annoyed by the fact that unless you ask in a certain way Siri will not be able to give you the answer – It tricks you into thinking it’s intelligent, but then you feel let down by realising it’s not AI after all. I think Alexa would be the same, just more expensive. 🙂 #KCACOLS

    1. Alexa is much better than Siri and can understand you far easier. She is intelligent and can answer anything I’ve asked so far, but in reality, I’m not sure why we really need it!!

  6. We have just welcomed in an Alexa to our house and we have mixed feelings. My husband adores her and proudly asks her questions all day long. However the only use I have for her is to ask her to play Radio 2. The kids like to ask her jokes but she is definitely my husbands toy. In fact, it sometimes feeling like we have a third person in our marriage!

    1. This is exactly the same as me!! Husband is fascinated and I just want Radio 2 on! Our kids keep asking bizarre questions like “Where are you?” Or “How old are you?” But agree, it’s definitely the husband’s toy!

  7. It’s funny because my Parents got an Alexa for Christmas and for months when we told Tigs we were going to see Nanny she’d whoop with delight and scream ‘We’re going to see Alexa!’. We even considered buying one for her as her 5th birthday present…but then we thought better of it! (Have to admit though I’d secretly still love one! I imagine the pros of asking to play a song whilst chopping onions without even having to touch my phone…)

    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub
    MMT recently posted…#coolmumclub Linky week 73My Profile

    1. Hah!! That’s so funny about your daughter wanting to see Alexa!! You’re right, It is handy to have music, weather and info all available whilst you’re busy chopping or washing up! Xx

  8. My dad has an Alexa and I absolutely love it! I got in a bit of trouble recently though when, out of curiosity, I asked her to search for something on Amazon and then buy it. Turns out if she’s connected to your Amazon account (which she probably is) she can also buy things for you! You can turn the setting off in your Amazon settings (just a heads up before the kids cotton on to that too haha!! #coolmumclub

    1. Oh my word this sounds dangerous!! I need to turn those settings off before my kids get wind of it! Thanks for the warning. X

  9. I have such mixed thoughts on these, it does sound quite a lot of fun and definitely useful with the random question kiddies tend to ask. But I’m not too sure I’d like to pay out for one and I’d be worried that the ‘novelty’ would run out… Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x
    Hannah Jane recently posted…What My Kid Wore Wednesday #18My Profile

    1. Yep, it is handy but the kids do drive me mad with it. I’m still waiting for the novelty to wear off for them! X

  10. LOL Thank you for the afternoon humor today! I definitely needed it. My favorite part is Alexa requiring you to say please. I couldn’t stop laughing as I visualized you and Alexa.

    We have an Alexa here, not the tall one the stocky one. And it’s great fun. My parents (83 and 89 respectively) are enamored with it. My son is a bit disappointed that she doesn’t know all his homework answers….I however, am delighted that she doesn’t! Excellent and fun post, thank you!

    1. Thanks! Glad I made you smile! It seems the older and youngest generations are definitely more keen on Alexa than the rest of us!

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