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In the news last week it was reported that a head teacher had written a letter home to parents to politely ask them to get dressed in the mornings rather than turn up at the school gate in pyjamas and slippers.

Whilst many parents supported the head teacher, there was an outcry from some parents who were annoyed at being told what to do and in protest turned up to the school gates in pyjamas and dressing gowns.

I read this in a state of disbelief. How had a letter escalated into such an argument about Pyjamas?

Less than a Minute

I normally like to sit on the fence about such news stories and try to see both sides of the story, but with this, I have to say I completely agree with the school! Is it really unreasonable to ask that parents turn up to school in some form of clothes? Even if you can’t be bothered to have a shower or put make up on, it takes less than a minute to pull on a pair of jeans and a jumper!

I’m not meaning to judge anybody and don’t get me wrong, I know that we are all busy trying to juggle and manage everything in the mornings. I have had several months of utter hell on the school run trying to get my eldest daughter to school last term. Which, when you throw a feisty toddler into the mix, can be incredibly stressful. But I still managed to get through this all whilst wearing some clothes.

Why I Don’t Agree

Here’s why I sympathise with the head teacher:

  1. Kids will want to do the same. If your kids think it’s ok to leave the house in pyjamas then they will want to do it too. Back in November if I had left the house wearing pyjamas on the school run, I would never have got my eldest daughter dressed into her uniform. She would have argued the point that why should she get out of her pyjamas when mummy was still wearing hers. And that’s kind of a fair point!
  2. Getting dressed sets you up for the day. I think it affects you mentally. If I were to stay in my pyjamas all day, I would mentally feel in a relaxed mode and never get anything done. I work from home and whilst I know that other people can do this in their dressing gowns, for me, I would never be properly in the zone if I was sitting around in my PJs all day!
  3. Setting an example. It shows a bad example to your child for years to come. OK there’s plenty of days when I’m tired, I can’t bear the thought of getting up and getting dressed, but we all have to do it. At some point our children will have to go for a job interview and go to work every single day of the week in clothes. It’s one thing to laze around on a Sunday in PJs, but in the normal working week, it gives children the wrong impression about what they are expected to do. We might not like going to work, they might not like going to school. But we have to do it.
  4. Plain Lazy? Call me harsh, but as I’ve mentioned, if time is short it just takes a few minutes to pull on yesterday’s jeans and top.


Since the Argument

What has shocked me more than the inability to get dressed is that the row has since escalated with some parents removing their children from class and others directing “vile abuse” to the head teacher. How incredibly sad and shocking. It’s sad that a head teacher is no longer able to make a polite request to parents without receiving a barrage of nasty abuse. It’s even more outrageous because the abuse was directed at the teacher in front of the children.

How unbelievably depressing for those children. How distressing must it be for those kids to be witness their parents screaming vile insults at their teacher? What sort of message does that send to those kids? Surely after seeing such behaviour, those children will not only think it’s OK to leave the house in nightclothes, but they will also believe it is fair to act violently with anyone that doesn’t agree with their views.

Whatever you think about the initial argument, there can be no denying that this is a step too far.


Would love to know what others think. Are you a mum on the school run in pyjamas? Do you agree or disagree?


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